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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes


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A great page to visit is our Class Offerings page. Adult classes are for ages 14 and up and include Meditation, Gentle Yoga, Active Yoga and much more. Therapeutic needs should be addressed with your teacher or booking a private session with a therapeutic trained teacher. Beginner? Would you enjoy the foundational skills of a hatha yoga practice? Our program is deep and friendly! Dedicated to help those with no, or little exposure to the roots of yoga. Closed to the public so you can move along in a safe and effective way.

New!  Tai Chi for Beginners, Balance & Arthritis! A wonderful 8 week series.

Our lovely Kulas (Yoga & Meditation Teachers in Training) will be offering $3 Yoga Sessions in the late winter! They will be sharing delicious vegan eats at the Kula Buffet all weekend as well.

The most popular question we received…”Do I need to register for classes”? There are very few exceptions (series, workshops, early mornings in the winter) but the answer is no. You DO however earn rewards if you do! Speaking of rewards, Grounded by Yoga holds much gratitude for our loyal students. They are offered rewards for referrals, registering, creating reviews and more. 

If you are new to our us, we have 2 yoga class specials for you to choose from and once you convert to a regular package – you too can earn rewards! 

Some of 2020’s workshops/events include: Drum Circle, Kirtan & Bhakti Yoga, Finger Lakes Natural Living Fair @ Mendon Ponds Park, Yogic Eating, Restorative Yoga, Release into Peace, Yogic Philosophy, Body-Focus programs, Journaling through the Heart, 5-Part Meditation “Mind-In” Series and so much more! 

We expect to see a full calendar this year with some of your favorite teachers! Desire to know more about what yoga really can do for you? Or perhaps you would like to teach yoga? Grounded by Yoga’s Teacher Training Programs offer unique, effective and transforming trainings. Your Lead Instructor and Director, Sandy Hicks, has 45 years of yoga/meditation experience and professional trainings. She is offering several yoga training programs that are non-cookie cutter, teaching you to teach with and from your heart. She will also be offering Yoga for Recovery & Trauma Yoga Teacher Training Program, Meditation Certification and Restorative Yoga Trainings.

Get on the newsletter for your invite as they will be limited to 10 students. We do our best to maintain reasonable class tuition yet keeping the lights on! 

Scholarships (sliding scale) are and always has been available to anyone in need. Please reach out to us. Peaceful Living Retreats his now part of Grounded by Yoga and has been offering spiritual yoga retreats since 1992. We are already sold out for this year, get on our newsletter and be the first to know (these fill very quick). Healing is our journey here on Earth. And our mission is to help. Peeling back the layers to sit in our true Self is the practice we call yoga. 

Wendy and Sandy have recently extended their Outreach Programs (which include Yoga for Recovery, Trauma and Post Incarceration) to include not only private group classes, but our public group classes. Being a part of a healing community is key to wellness. In the summer you can find some of our Yoga and Meditation classes at Canandaigua Lake, Mendon Ponds Park and now in our own Peace and Water Fall Garden in Bloomfield! These classes will be announced in the spring so you know when, how and where you can find your peace in nature! 

Bloomfield’s studio is in the Lotus Grove Center – completely renovated with a beautiful energy and atmosphere. Should you want to bring your business to a pleasing environment, information on our rentals can be found right here! Bloomfield and Canandaigua studio may also be rented hourly or weekly as well. Recent enjoyment has been the Grounded by Yoga Blog of Wisdom & Inspiration. We try to stay relevant, invite guest writers and provide truthful and meaningful information to you regarding your journey of yoga. Please come read! Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Email: Phone: (585) 861-YOGA We hope to see you soon. 

The best way to stay in the loop is our newsletter. Yoga means different things for different people. Historically it was developed as a path, a way of life, a way of being, to achieve connection to the infinite reality. Today we see a fraction of that original path in the form of posture, breath, and meditation practices. At Grounded by Yoga, you can bring your own meaning to the practice whether it’s relaxation, stretching, balance, or body fitness. We accommodate all levels and, remember, whatever works for you is the way it works. Namaste

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