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“Into the Broken Heart -the Open Heart”

An awakening will happen and it is no longer a secret deserved only for Mystics. Awakening is necessary if we are to survive and thrive in such a crazy world. Rise above the “me” and the “mine” and above the erroneous identification with the ego. We can recognize the eternal truth of an inner dimension […]

8 Reasons to Meditate


Take a moment…and take a look at your life. What would you change about it? Chances are that your answer(s) would connect to one or more of the eight areas we will explore in this article. And if your life is so busy that you can’t even think of an answer to this important question, […]

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Grounded by Yoga

Register for our info session for our 2018/2019 Program (Bloomfield). 5 Spaces left. (Note: You are not required to come to an info session) Use this brief form to register for informational session. Come and observe Present questions you may have Meet the lead instructor/director Tour the facilities Sign up early and save For Program Details for: […]