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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

New To Yoga?

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Discover Your True Nature.

New to Hatha Yoga or Meditation?



  • SUNDAY MORNINGS: “8 Week Beginners Yoga”. For those brand new to the practice. Register Onlinecall or mail.  $75 for first 6 enrollees. Reg $90.. Refer a friend and receive $15 off credit on your account for future package.
  • FRIDAY MORNINGS:  “Yoga Foundations / Refresher” Just Drop In. For those brand new to yoga and those seeking a refresher.  Ends May 10th (and may turn to a Mixed Level Class. Stay tuned!)


  • TBA. 
Tai Chi & Qigong:


Yoga Canandaigua


. . .to create liberation of the body through a safe & effective process. Our teachers do not use a pre-planned script.

Yoga Breath


. . .for calming & refreshing our minds and energy system. You will learn 2-3 yogic breathing techniques (pranayama).

Restorative Yoga Teacher Traininng


. . .provides small & large glimpses into our true nature and reminds us to live our one life well. End of class relaxation is called savasana.

New to Yoga


. . .offers the student life tools and ancient insight of yoga. Handouts will be provided and you may also sign up for our philosophy classes.

Outreach Yoga


. . .for every, body, always.  Trained to offer diverse & appropriate postures. Hatha yoga was created for the injured, not the “fit”.

Outreach Yoga and Meditation


. . .finally, a non- competitive setting with others brand new to Hatha yoga or Meditation just as yourself.  Closed to the public.

"Wow. What a different experience at GBY. The level of knowledge, kindness of the teachers, and warmth of the studio have allowed me to return to a place I have laid aside for all so long. At 73 years old, I finally found the most welcoming & accommodating studio in the area! "
Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes