Discover Your True Nature.

  • New to Yoga or Meditation? Beginners Yoga is the best place to start. But you can start with other classes.
  • No experience necessary...just an open mind & heart. You have landed perfectly.
  • Hatha yoga refers to yoga with postures and is for those seeking to remove stress, open the body & awaken internally.
  • The media has distorted what yoga really is. If you can breath, you can be taught through our process.
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New to Hatha Yoga or Meditation?


. . .to create liberation of the body through a safe & effective process. Our teachers do not use a pre-planned script.



. . .for calming & refreshing our minds and energy system. You will learn 2-3 yogic breathing techniques (pranayama).

Restorative Yoga Teacher Traininng


. . .provides small & large glimpses into our true nature and reminds us to live our one life well. End of class relaxation is called savasana.



. . .offers the student life tools and ancient insight of yoga. Handouts will be provided and you may also sign up for our philosophy classes.



. . .for every, body, always.  Trained to offer diverse & appropriate postures. Hatha yoga was created for the injured, not the “fit”.

Outreach Yoga and Meditation


. . .finally, a non- competitive setting with others brand new to Hatha yoga or Meditation just as yourself.  Closed to the public.

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes
"Wow. What a different experience at GBY. The level of knowledge, kindness of the teachers, and warmth of the studio have allowed me to return to a place I have laid aside for all so long. At 73 years old, I finally found the most welcoming & accommodating studio in the area! "
Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Beginner Hatha Yoga and Meditation Programs


  • Begins August 18, 5:15-6:15pm. 8 Weeks/$85. Early Yogi $65 if registered 2 weeks before start. LIMITED.
  • Morning Session coming soon.


  • TBA

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