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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Module A "The Yin-Quiry"

It's come home.

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes
yin yoga

25 Hours CEUs 

An experiential program that will immerse into the silent but communicative practices of Yin Yoga. 

Module A: “Yin-Quiry” starts us off. 
As a teacher of Yin Yoga, your intention will be to hold space for the Spirit to unfold as it integrates through the koshas, in a clean manner. 

Then, the visceral experience becomes their teacher, sharing with the student a story they may have forgotten about, a memory they needed to visit, or a perception that needed to shift.

You….will hold that space for your student ro experience their own private transformative journey in their own unique way and time.

Surely, module A, B, and C provide a well rounded Yin Yoga Teacher and is very much recommended. Each provide a foundation to build off of.

Sandy’s Yin-Quiry ™ way guides the modern Daoism views (thank you Mr Zink) to the ancient yogic wisdom (thank you Mr Mithoefer) Let’s see what happens. It just might be time to come home. 

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes
"The pose begins
when you want it to end"

2023 Module A:Yin-Quiry ™ Dates: 

  • November 17, 6:00 – 9:00pm
  • November 18, 11:30-8:00pm
  • November 25, 11:30-8:00pm

Assignments/Readings: 5 Hours (flex time)

Yin Classes with Yin Certified RYT Teacher:4 Due before start of program.

Practicum Hours: 1.25 Hours

  • Teaching 1 class (pro-bono) to public and feedback in a professional setting at GBY


Notes from the Director

  • Actually, program is fully approved by the Yoga Alliance and with their NEW standards even if they are not enforced yet and is an immersion/intensive.
  • Note: Should we go on lockdown for pandemic reasons, program will continue when its lifted.
  • Mainly, this page is dedicated to our Group Training . If you are seeking a private, flexible one on one training please email Sandy. Private Cost is $1399.00

(note: This is not inclusive. Our program includes many experiential components as well. Should you have any questions, please call 585-861-YOGA)

  • Postures of the Yin Practice  & Teaching  these postures and WHY these postures.
  • Why the Yin practice is an advanced practice
  • Empowering the student Yin Yoga
  • Teaching  from The Heart
  • Proper Hands on Assists for deepening awareness
  • Proper Environment & Creating a Sacred Space
  • Being TRULY inclusive for unique bodies and specific conditions.
  • Yogic Anatomy (Gross & Subtle)
  • Background & History Overview and is Yin Yoga truly Yoga?
  • Philosophy
  • Dilution and its Prevention
  • Disconnecting to Connect
  • Final written exam 
  • 2 Classes of Teaching practicum to be completed within 45 days of last meet.

This training is open to yoga teachers of all traditions. Participants will receive a certificate of completion  or a “Continuing Education Units” (CEU’s) for Registered Yoga Teachers.

Click Here for Terms of Agreement and our Refund Policy





First 4 accepted applicants

Regular price 

Private Training


Student additional costs:

  • Books will be at the cost of the student (very low cost- approx $20-25)
  • Yoga Alliance wall certificate and submission certificate is a separate price.
  • Make-ups are not allowed for this immersion. Should you miss any time, you will need to re-apply and pay for a future program. This is a timed session of 25 hours (as the way Yoga Alliance runs their programs). However, Director may or may not run this Module again.
  • Sandy Hicks Yin Yoga Certified, RYS, RYT, RPTY, RCYT, Y12SR, PBPY, Raja Yoga RYS (for complete background CLICK HERE)

Yin Yoga Background:

  • 2009 to 2019: 100 Hours. 100 Hours Yin Yoga Certification with Biff Mithoefer
  • 2015 Sarah Powers: Workshops Yin Yoga & Meridians
  • 2015 Paul Grilley Yin Yoga: The Functional Approach(25CEUs) Anatomy for Yoga ( 20 CEUs)


Note: 1978-79 Paulie Zinc and myself attending the same institute in which I had not only attended many sessions together but witnessed his formation of the initial yin program. It is for this friendship reason, and background I ethically chose not to pursue studies with the Master and Founder Yin Yoga. However, I fully honor and embrace Paulie throughout this training. 




The desire in your heart and a current RYT200 (or higher) status or a IAYT. Some books will be required (you may already have from your previous training). This list will be provided approx 3 weeks before the start of the program. 



Yes. There will be special non-requirements and we will discuss at time of application.

NOTE: If you do not have a 200RYT current status – personal approval is required by Director. Please contact Sandy Hicks prior to enrolling.

Sometime prior to my yoga teacher training with Sandy at Grounded by Yoga, I had tremendously high expectations. I know yoga teachers and through their advice concerning their own trainings, and my own research and practice, I knew this was the place to be. You have completely fulfilled my high hopes and I couldn’t be happier with the great deal of knowledge I acquired throughout this training. The width of topics covered including philosophy, anatomy, Sanskrit, asana, assisting, history, business, and much more, were so thoroughly and carefully taught that it actually amazes me how did you effectively be able to do all that to us?? What I came away with most is the wisdom and resources I need to continue to read, learn, and grow, into an experienced yoga teacher. I am extremely happy with this program and feel truly proud to be able to call myself a graduate of this fine school.” ~ Jennifer

WOW where do I begin? Sandy, you really go above and beyond what I think is expected and it shows! Each one of us experienced a transformation and bond that is just amazing!!! LOVED all the workshops and guest teachers, please tell them how grateful I am to have been in their presence as well as yours and my fellow ‘kulas’! I will be moving out west soon, and what a feeling and joy to know have incredible vast of tools to use to create extraordinary class experiences for people. i can’t thank you enough….I just can’t.” ~ Mary

Dear Sandy, my whole world is brighter, my life is clear, and I feel so complete for the first time in 38 years. I have enjoyed knowing you and the fact that you give mentorship for free indefinitely is a blessing and a generous gift. I may never need it, but the support you offer is a good feeling. Thank you for EVERYTHING, you deserve so much Sandy. Will miss this group and YOU!!!!” ~ Kathy

yin Yoga Teacher Training Rochester NY
yin Yoga Teacher Training Rochester NY
yin Yoga Teacher Training Rochester NY