Hatha Yoga, which means “union through discipline of force” by using various techniques to detach from external objects. Hatha Yoga has grown in popularity in the West as a form of exercise that develops strength, flexibility, bodily relaxation, and mental concentration and came to us as this approximately 100 years ago. (Yoga itself, is 5,000 years old.)

Yoga postures, while having many great benefits, is not what the sages were referring to ancient literature. The purpose of the postures are to enable one to rise above body-consciousness. Traditionally, a straight spine is necessary, for when meditating the energy must be allowed to rise up the spine freely. One may consider that they have mastered a posture if they can remain completely motionless, with a straight, upright spine for three hours. Motionlessness will enable them to become aware of the inner energies in the body.

In our demographic and modern-day times, Hatha Yoga is most often viewed as an exercise and de-stresser and how skillfully we communicate and act in the world. It is often viewed as a way to place flexibility into our ever-freezing up and aging bodies, or a way to just simply find “me time.”

Whatever the reason for coming to Hatha Yoga is perfect. Over time, this reason often changes and the student becomes interested in other corners of the practice. Enjoy the trip.

At Grounded by Yoga, we offer a variety of classes that are not scripted, because life isn’t scripted. We care why you are here, and what your body and mind are experiencing. You’ll see most of our public classes are Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) classes and have levels. Explore the levels and class descriptions and see what speaks to you.

Students come from 5 different surrounding counties. Ages 14 on up – our oldest student was 98! We miss you John.

(Note: Email us for our Outreach, Recovery/Trauma programs. These are not on our public calendar)