Yoga Discounts are Here!

We want to give back to YOU for your loyalty and love you have given us all these years. Below see the many ways you can earn reward points. From time to time we will switch it up and announce new ways to earn. 

Some of Your Ways You Can Earn Discounts for May 2020 – Aug 2020

  • Brand new? Create a profile: 100 pts
  • Refer a loved one (your account needs to be active and they need to buy a 10 pack, 3 month unlimited, Yoga Life program or our Beginner Series. They also need to place your name on their intake form:1250 pts
  • For every dollar you spend: 5 pts
  • Book a class online and share to Facebook: 100 pts
  • Make a purchase and share on Facebook: 100 pts
  • Attend a Meditation class: 200 pts

But How Do I Redeem and for What?

Your rewards will accumulate and NEVER expire. You can view your rewards on your account page and redeem right from there! Easy! 

  • REDEEM 1000 POINTS  and take $15 off your 10-Pack
  • REDEEM 1500 POINTS and take $30 off your 3 Month Package


  • These points never expire unless you become inactive or remove your email from the Newsletter list. If we should switch our yoga software, your points could expire as well unless we can find a way to carry them onward. 

Our way of giving back to our very wonderful, loving and loyal students!

To create an account, start earning rewards, check your account balance, and more: