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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

One on One Private Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Private Sessions


ONE-ON-ONE is the way it all began.

Some of our teachers are available for private yoga and meditation sessions designed to suit your personal needs and interests. If you are looking for individualized guidance, if you have a special need, if you want to study techniques not offered in public classes, or if you need flexibility in scheduling, let us know.

Below is a list (not inclusive) of who is available to offer private and semi-private classes. These smaller gatherings allow the practices to be shared in a potent and personalized way. Please contact the teacher directly by clicking on their name it will take you to their contact page. Or, you may contact our general mailbox and we will forward an intake form with complete details on what we specialize in and each teacher’s pricing you can choose from there.

Also – see our YOGA TO YOU! program. We come to your AirBnB, Home, Party, work…you name it – we are ready!

(Note: We are available for Animal Rescue, Sanctuaries but not for animals used as commodities)

> Mary Ann  (Canandaigua) 

> Sandy (Bloomfield. currently full but may be accepting in Spring 2024)

> Romy  (Either Location)