You are about to understand for yourself why so many beginners walk out of yoga class peaceful and full of light! Beginners Yoga

No Experience Necessary…..Just a Beginner’s Mind and Heart!

We suggest you look through some of the testimonials our students have submitted


Yoga for Beginners is designed to accommodate students of all levels, people rehabbing injuries, people needing a refresher and those who have never set foot on a yoga mat. You will be in a classroom filled with support and other students that are beginner’s too! (Note: If you feel you have any restrictions, please contact the Director, Sandy and she can best advise if this class is the best place for you. We have several options for those with recent surgeries, chronic conditions etc. ) We are practicing to wake up to our own beauty and capacities and also to the beauty around us. All we need to do is to come back to our breathing and body in the present moment and then we are wide awake to experience what is happening inside us and around us.

Important: It takes the mind and body 8 sessions before it starts to create new mental shreyas (impressions) and new muscle memory (flexibility). You should have a practice of at least one full class per week (75 minutes). More practice in the beginning can help accelerate your program After about 6months to a year – you can lessen your practice and receive the same results.



Starts January 7th! Limited.

10 Weeks $75 (reg 100) $115 after December 25th. ENROLL HERE


(If you should miss a class – you can make it up by attending a gentle, level1 or restore & relax class.)

You also may join any of these classes listed below – 8 consecutive weeks for $80.
This is a “Start anytime program”.  It wont include handouts etc, but its a great way to start if you cannot attend a series.
  • Mondays 5:45pm (C)
  • Mondays 7:00pm (C)
  • Tuesdays 9:30am (C)
  • Tuesdays 3:45pm (EB)
  • Tuesdays 5:30pm (EB)
  • Wednesdays 9:30am or 5:30pm (EB)
  • Thursdays (Extra gentle postures) 4:30pm (EB)
  • Thursdays 5:45pm (C)
  • Fridays 10:00am or 6:30pm(EB)
  • Saturdays 10:15am (EB) hot yoga
  • Sundays 9:00am(C)
  • Sundays 10:30am (C)
  • Sundays 2:30PM
  • Sundays 6:00pm(Extra Gentle postures – 3 times per month)

Price $80. Feel free to find the time that suits your needs…..once you “graduate” you can attend any class in either location. The studios are 12 minutes apart.

Ways to Register for Anytime Program:
Mail Check to: Grounded By Yoga,LLC,  1 Wellness Way, Bloomfield NY  14469 Online: Use this safe online  form Call to Charge: 585-703-4676 You may just pay at your first session! Arrive 15 minutes early to do so.

Either of the above allows the instructor to bring in the tools needed in a structured way so that by the end of 8 weeks you have a great foundation to continue your practice as  needed. Should you have any concerns about your first step into yoga, please call 585-703-4676

 Looking for a Deep dive into Yoga?

Try our  4 Month comprehensive program offered to beginners or those looking to refresh or deepen their practice. This enrollment class will meet weekly to discuss not only the physical foundations of a yoga class, but deep work with pranayama (breath work) meditation, yogic philosophy and group discussion. Proven to be a transformative process. Please email to receive your registration form . We close it off to the public and move along as a group. Next Session  will commence  September 23rd 5:00pm  $250, 16 Classes. DEADLINE: Sept 1.  (You may inquire about starting the session currently in progress if we are within the first 2 weeks.) FULL

 First Visit

Please arrive 15 minutes early.  As you enter the check in area, you will see a clip board with in intake form for those new to us. Your instructor will review and discuss any special needs or concerns you may have.


Before Class

Clothes: Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that is not too loose. It should allow a full range of movement including twisting and bending. Our studios are equipped with changing rooms. Need to change from your work clothes? No problem!

Bring: Your yoga mat and an open mind!  We have $2 mat rentals to use and all other yoga props for your convenience. If you rent a mat, simply leave unrolled by the exit door of the main studio space.

Leave behind: Your backpack of worries! You are in a safe and warm space. Also, strong perfume, jewelry, and eating for at least 90 minutes before class if you can. Caffeine is best avoided for 2 hours or more.


Once You Arrive

Footwear: Yoga is practiced in bare feet for traction and safety. Shoes are not allowed on the practice floor. We can discuss alternative options if you have any concerns being barefooted. No worries.

Electronic devices: Please turn off your cell phone or leave in your vehicle. Once you enter the building, no phones or electronics are allowed in operating mode. Should you have an emergency phone call you are in need of receiving, let us know! We can create exceptions of course.

Arriving late? Need to leave early?: We understand busy schedules, wintery roads and other things that may get in your way. Simply walk in quietly and unroll your mat SOFTLY…..your instructor will get any needed props for you….nestle in and join in! If you need to depart from class early, let your instructor know and he/she will watch the time for you and quietly let you know when you need to go.


During Class

Child’s pose: Take child’s pose, down dog, relaxation pose or any pose if you need a rest. You can take this pose at any time, even if the teacher does not cue it.


After Class

Clean: If you rented a mat from the studio, simply lay it open by the studio exit (where the mat rac is).  If you used props, neatly return them.

Take your belongings: Leave peacefully, this is the time where the class can manifest the deepest and honor those around you. Don’t forget your mat, water bottle, and clothes! Many classes run back to back…if you have a quick question for the instructor, we love questions. I fyou would liek to schedule a mini private or consultation, we provide that as well.


What Type of Class Should I Take?

The first place to start is class descriptions. Read these to find classes that appeal to you.  Then look at class schedules to see when the classes are available.  Each class has a link to the teacher. You can read the teacher’s bio to understand their training and style.

If you need advice or have questions, please feel free to visit this page that will describe the different “levels”.


On the Mat

Yoga practice typically involves a series of physical postures that are coordinated with full breathing and a mental focus on the present moment.  It is a lifelong practice of progressive change and there’s no need to do it all on the first try. There are many modifications available for the physical poses to make them more or less challenging depending on your needs.

Remember it is not a competition with others or yourself. Challenge yourself but don’t push too hard – yoga should never be painful. If your breath is affected, it’s a warning to back off a little and reduce the intensity of the pose.



Servicing Lima, Avon, Honeoye Falls, Honeoye, Naples, Finger Lakes, Pittsford, Bushnells Basin, Victer, Bloomfield, Cannadaigua, Rishville, Penn yan, Shortsville and surrounding areas.