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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


How can Yoga “last” in the USA?

Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation

Before Georg Feuerstein (yoga historian/scholar) died in 2012, he made a comment that “Yoga is a mess”. There is Beer Yoga (?????), Goat Yoga (animals are not to be exploited – step one to yoga), Yoga for this and that (all yoga is for healing) – it has become diluted and , in some instances, […]

Yoga Lineages

Yoga lineages

Grounded By Yoga only encompasses direct lineage trainings. A little different than modern day Yoga. All which is good, if it feels good, do it! However, our mission is to not dilute the teachings from the great sages of this 5000 year old form of spiritual philosophy. This page will be under construction from October […]

The Branches Of Yoga

Grounded By Yoga Branches of Yoga

To fully understand the Yoga Tradition, we must illustrate the roots of the philosophy and practice. To the best of our knowledge, we have explicitly described the history of the great Yoga Tradition, which illuminates where the vast array of our most current styles have come from and have influenced the modern practice and teachings in all […]

Yoga Lineages

Yoga Lineages

Ananda yoga (uh-non-duh) Originated in California with Swami Kriyananda (Donald Walters) who, in the 1960s, completed a period of intense yoga training aspiring to loftier goals than simply building a hard body. The practice includes gentle postures, gentle transitions, and self-awarenesswith Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi and guru to Bikram Choudhury.) Students use silent […]