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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Teach Yoga, Live Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

200 Hr Certification Yoga Teacher Training (In Person)

“Teaching From the Heart S.P.I.R.I.T. Program™”

A World Yoga Federation (based out of India) and Directed by Senior Master Yogi, Saraja, throughout the entire process allowing for the best personalization and growth,

Join our School of the Multi-Dimensional Self us for our 19th Yoga Teacher Training! 

Grounded by Yoga’s Training are now sponsored by the World Yoga Federation!


This is not an online program. Personal interaction of heartfelt energy and transformation occurs in person as well as reaching the real depths of yoga. Our graduates have ranged from  ages 18 – 78. Minimum Age is 18.

Our S.P.I.R.I.T. program is designed to for your own inner quest or to share & teach to others.  A program designed on personal practice and inquiry, as it was meant to be. Your environment during the program is one that is closed to the public – you will be with the same colleagues along the way – this ensures an incredible, unbreakable bond with your spiritual group during the program and for life, as well as provides a safe, stable ground for our growth.  You will be fully supported by dedicated colleagues & faculty,

Grounded by Yoga has adapted our unique S.P.I.R.I.T. Program™ as follows:

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 2020

Let Your Journey Begin

2024 Registration Open

(Limited enrollees for best personalized learning experience)

  • September 15 (Official Start with flex time book readings on your own)
  • Oct 21 –  Nov 5th (10-15 Flex time hours online at your own pace and time with our Private Web Board)

(The rest of the program is in person. Learn from heartfelt energy & community) 

  • November 14,16,17 (Nov 14th is evening only 5:00-9:00pm)
  • December 7 & 8
  • January 18,19
  • February 8,9 & 22,23
  • March 8,9 & 22,23
  • March 29,30 (possible Friday the 28th 4-9 – will advise first weekend together)

General Times:

• Thursday November: 10th 5:30 – 9pm

• Saturdays: 11:30 – 7:00pm
• Sundays: 11:00 – 7:00pm
• Flexible personal one on one time with the Lead Instructor may be required and Friday March 28th may be required from 4-9pm

Additional Hours:

  • Our Final weekend may have extended time.  
  • Two of our other weekends may require an extra 2-3 hours and shall be announced on our first weekend.
  • Flexible practice time, and homework assignments
  • Your public practice needs continue during (in person classes only – videos/Zoom omit the most critical aspects of Yoga, the energy, the assists, and connection of heart and desire to be truly present for you). You do not need to practice at GBY – but a discount will be offered in the Fall if desired

Notes from the Director
I have personally been in small group trainings (6-10) and large ones (16+). The ability to learn productively, manifest spiritually and deeply bond arrives within a smaller group is profound.  Personalized care is key at Grounded by Yoga. Each student grows at their own pace, and this allows for individual attention as needed. I never felt ready to teach from the heart until I experienced a more intimate setting, so this is what we deliver.

(This page is dedicated to our Group Training. If you are seeking a private, flexible one on one training please email Sandy. Private Cost is $7777.00)

(note: This is not inclusive. Our program includes many experiential components as well and is a live process.  Should you have any questions, please call 585-861-YOGA or sign up for one of our info sessions)

  • About Postures (modern yoga postures & traditional)
  • Teaching  postures & pranayama (all adaptable)
  • Proven Health Benefits 
  • Trauma Awareness / Trauma Friendly Techniques  (Includes extra Trauma / PTSD info via research assignment if desired)
  • Interdisciplinary/ Direct lineage teachings so that we can truly meet students where they are and most importantly – yourSelf.
  • Yoga Nidra discussion as a state of consciousness (what it IS & ISN’T.)
  • Debunking “The Chakras” and removing the dilution 
  • Effective start and class endings
  • Teaching Beginners, Gentle, Level 1, and Mixed Level options
  • Proper Hands on Assists for deepening awareness, nurturing 
  • Sequencing- How, When, Why
  • Proper Environment & Creating a Yogic Space
  • Theming Process  – Peppering with authentic yogic wisdom
  • Finding your personal style and teaching from the depths of your Heart
  • The 4 paths of yoga 
  • Keeping spirituality alive inside and out
  • Advancing Pranayama (depending upon where our own practices are as a group)
  • Kriyas and Bandhas
  • Yogic Anatomy (Gross & Subtle)
  • Yoga History Overview and “seeing the pattern”
  • Conscious Language
  • Private Yoga or Studio Management /Ownership (we will vote on our choice or do 1/2 of each!)
  • Yogic Nutrition
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Intro to Sanskrit Language
  • Importance of Transcendence (Beyond Buddhism / Mindfulness)
  • Experiences in Meditation as time  /group allows
  • Modern Day Lineage/Styles experience & overview  *  Yin Yoga *  Iyengar Yoga * Ashtanga/Vinyasa Style *  Sivananda Yoga. “Exploring the Tools” of these modern day lineages.
  • Prenatal Basics
  • Yoga Dilution and its Prevention
  • Disconnecting to Connect
  • Business Ethics
  • Marketing Your Self or Your Yoga Business
  • Yoga on and off the Mat
  • Practicum 
  • Quizzes are delivered to allow to help in your growth and understanding. 80% required for teaching certificate and proper attitude.

Click Here for Terms of Agreement and our Refund Policy



Feb 10- June 30

July 1 – July 31

Payment Plans 

$2875 (Discounted Paid In Full Price

$2975 (Discounted Paid In Full Price

Are at your terms (pretty much) and are at full tuition price of $3275)

Student additional costs:

  • Application fee $95
  • Some books (approximately $175 – you may purchase used books on the internet)
  • Workshops Approx; $18 – $30 total
  • Continuation of your practice (GBY will offer 25% off memberships if desired)
  • Wall certificate if desired: $45
  • Trainee Insurance (approx $70)
  • Make-ups are $95/hour and need to be made up prior to next session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. No makeups after February 28th 2025.

After Graduation:

  • Receive 10% off the very next Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga Teacher Training 
  • If you are a teacher at GBY, receive mentor-ship in any way and especially with therapeutic/special concerns
  • Records are maintained for a period of 2 years from date of application.
  • CPR and first aid training hours cannot be counted toward satisfying the minimum YTT curriculum hours or Continuing Education Contact Hours. CPR is not required as Yoga is not a fitness program per say
  • Saraja, Grand Master Yoga Teacher and  Senior Master / Institute Leader with World Yoga Federation. 
  • Sarib Shakti Kaur Kundalini Yoga (on leave until further notice)
  • Dr. Ted Barnett, Yogic Nutrition, Whole Foods
  • Damodar Das, Bhakti Yoga / Language of Yoga
  • Sue Spencer, RYT, Dharana Yoga
  • World Yoga Federation Affiliate

A high degree of self-motivation and discipline is required for all aspects of the course. Traveling on the yogic path requires dedication and faith in the process of yoga. If you do not have a current practice, but are simply interested in deepening your knowledge, you may apply as well and will receive a special certificate. Please let us know this on your application. For teaching certification, you must posses a regular practice before and during the program. (GBY will offer discounted passes if desired).  Let’s remember, hatha yoga was created for the injured body, not the perfect body. In this hatha yoga laced program, we welcome all bodies, ages, races, sexes.

Modern day yoga: Iyengar, Ashtanga/Vinyasa, Sivananda, Yin Yoga,  Traditional Yoga: Karma, Raja, Bhakti and Jnana. Additionally, you’ll have the foundations for Gentle, Prenatal, Mixed Levels, & “Special Interest” & more. We offer a unique process from a vast 50 years of experience. Trust in the process and you” receive just perfectly. Certified professionals dedicated to each will be part of your training faculty, bringing you authentic delivery and integrity to your curriculum

Many enter yoga trainings with no intention of teaching, for it is an opportunity to deepen and broaden your knowledge and experience yoga in a way you simply cannot do in regular classes. Do I physically need to be able to…. Forget that concern, this program is open to all. The yoga teacher training modules serve to educate health professionals, yoga instructors, yoga students or anyone with an interest in the wisdom of yoga.  

This is an entry level course as well as it’s very unique due to it’s direct lineage trainings of the lead instructor. Please call.

Sometime prior to my yoga teacher training with Sandy at Grounded by Yoga, I had tremendously high expectations. I know yoga teachers and through their advice concerning their own trainings, and my own research and practice, I knew this was the place to be. You have completely fulfilled my high hopes and I couldn’t be happier with the great deal of knowledge I acquired throughout this training. The width of topics covered including philosophy, anatomy, Sanskrit, asana, assisting, history, business, and much more, were so thoroughly and carefully taught that it actually amazes me how did you effectively be able to do all that to us?? What I came away with most is the wisdom and resources I need to continue to read, learn, and grow, into an experienced yoga teacher. I am extremely happy with this program and feel truly proud to be able to call myself a graduate of this fine school.” ~ Jennifer

WOW where do I begin? Sandy, you really go above and beyond what I think is expected and it shows! Each one of us experienced a transformation and bond that is just amazing!!! LOVED all the workshops and guest teachers, please tell them how grateful I am to have been in their presence as well as yours and my fellow ‘kulas’! I will be moving out west soon, and what a feeling and joy to know have incredible vast of tools to use to create extraordinary class experiences for people. i can’t thank you enough….I just can’t.” ~ Mary

“Sandy Hicks is a phenomenal yoga teacher, and yoga teacher trainer. Not only does she uphold ALL ethics of YA, but she adheres strictly and admirably to the traditional way of teaching yoga, its philosophy, and lifestyle. I have referred many students looking to begin at YTT, and know that one at least began training with Grounded by Yoga. Even though her school is 5 hours away, if I were to invest in a 500hr training, her recommendations and suggestions are what I would go with. When looking at other YA schools in Akron, they always fall short of the integrity, quality, and professionalism that Sandy gives in GBY.”~ Jess

Dear Sandy, my whole world is brighter, my life is clear, and I feel so complete for the first time in 38 years. I have enjoyed knowing you and the fact that you give mentorship for free indefinitely is a blessing and a generous gift. I may never need it, but the support you offer is a good feeling. Thank you for EVERYTHING, you deserve so much Sandy. Will miss this group and YOU!!!!” ~ Kathy

Facilities Equipment

  • 2500 sq foot space (plenty ample for NYS Mandates due to COVID-19) as well as another 1500 sq feet downstairs during our graduating weekend. Space was built in 2011 by owner for sole intention of a Yoga School.
  • Equipment” is provided by Grounded by Yoga and includes: Blocks, Straps, Bolsters of 6 sizes, zafus, zabutons, walls.
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"Thank you" is just not a big enough expression to communicate to you how I am feeling about you and your teacher training. I hope that through our future interactions and relationships, I can demonstrate & embody my gratitude. I am awake! How do you thank someone for that? It's a brand new life path opportunity!​
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"After the training, I felt very close with everybody in different ways. I think everyone shared bonds with each other. We cried, laughed, and worked hard together.I would recommend this teacher training to anyone who is looking to teach yoga, or just learn and gain experience. Sandy’s training was life changing!"
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"Sandy went above and beyond with the training she gives. She takes pride in everything she presents and hands to her students. Everything was well planned and thoroughly explained. Her love for the true wisdom of yoga shines through and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice to complete my training with her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
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"Grounded by Yoga, created by Sandy Hicks, is a sacred and special space where the practice of authentic yoga is valued and encouraged. I would encourage people to take the program for personal growth to live a balanced, healthy and holistic life or to become someone passionate about maintaining the integrity of a full yoga practice that includes spiritual growth and meditation."
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"Hi Sandy – I wanted to email and just let you know that the teacher training has been such a great experience for me. Every time we have a training weekend I learn something more about myself – in addition to all we are learning about yoga. And I am honored to be in the company of such a great group of human beings–teacher and fellow students included"
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"“Teacher training was AMAZING! ……Changed my LIFE…helped me HEAL.”
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"As the year comes to a close, I've been reflecting a lot. I am grateful to have completed my training this year and to be teaching (I love it so much). The experience has been life changing. But I am so very grateful to have met you. Your spirit, kindness, generosity and love has inspired me in so many ways. Thank you for being such an amazing person in my life"
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“Thank you Sandy. You have created not only an amazing space to learn knowledge but a space in which to “come home” to reunite as one which we truly are. You are amazing. We are so privileged to be on this journey with you.“
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"This was an absolutely awakening and transforming experience. I didn’t necessarily enter this program intending to teach, I thought that I might, but it was more for a deepening of my own practice. I walked away feeling confident in my ability to share this practice with others. Sandy was an amazing teacher and spiritual guide, and I uncovered and learned so much about myself through this process."
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"II am honored to be in the company of such a great group of human b try every day to be more peaceful – it is hard to break old habits but I am making a conscious effort. I enrolled to deepen my understanding of yoga – and found out early on that there is so much for me to learn – I’d barely scratched the surface! My primary purpose was for personal learning and teaching yoga was not the main goal. I have to share that as we progress I become more interested in teaching!"
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"Sandy Hicks guides her teacher trainees to teach from the heart and her students to focus internally with love and compassion. For this, and many other reason, the teacher training program at Grounded by Yoga is exceptional. Sandy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste."
Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes