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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training for Addiction, Recovery & Trauma

Investigating Addiction, Recovery, Trauma, Co-Dependency from Mind~Body~Spirit Perspective

Dear Friends….after much consideration, our 200 A.R.T. (Addiction, Recovery, Trauma) RYT program is now our “Normal 200 Hour program”…it ran that way all along. With deep use of the Yogic wisdom, we heal ourselves and others. It has been perplexing as to why the labels, and it has occurred to us that most trainings do NOT cover the wisdom and philosophy (experientially) in trainings. Grounded by Yoga does, and always has. With this training, you will be a trauma-informed, addiction /recovery certified lead instructor.  Read more about Sandy: Click Here.

Yoga was ALWAYS meant for healing, and returning to true nature. And it’s in this place, we feel & become whole.

Please contact the Lead Director, Sandy if you would like to have a one on one consultation or join us in our next Teacher Training Info Session.

Addiction:The Disease of Wanting More
All addictions are trauma based. Weeding through the layers of fog to view who is really sitting there waiting to be embraced. The learning and re-learning of perception, we are not our experience. Addiction wear's many shoes. These are just a few: *Sex *Drugs (street and prescribed) *Alcohol *Shopping *Electronics *Love *Work *People *Gambling *Food *Cigarettes *Exercising *Pornography
Recovery - the Art of Staying on Track.
Society presents many challenges to those in recovery. Habitual patterns of our mind-field and learning to change them through effective and specific techniques found in ancient wisdom allows us to foresee our triggers,eventually leaving them dormant. Re-inventing community and feeling safe is key
Trauma: The Foundation for Addiction.
Our fight or flight response is embedded into our DNA from our past ancestors. For some, it can get triggered on - perhaps through epi-genetics, early uprising or simply mystery. Transferred into the body can leave life-long trauma on a physical, emotional, and metal level. These feelings are real to the trauma receiver and can cause shame, guilt, confusion, fear.
Co-Dependence: The Disease of the Lost Self - Looking Elsewhere.
When caretakers or painful circumstances expose chaos or trauma to a family, the children abandon from being children. Their growing lives enter survival mode. In survival mode, they become hypervigilent and compulsively scan the environment to detect the next threat to their safety and well-being. These children quickly learn to shut out what they feel and have learned that they will be punished for expressing their feelings and needs. Thus, they reject introspection as a dangerous luxury. Unpacking: you can't heal what you don't acknowledge.