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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Meditation Classes

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Meditation is a Specialty Here

Meditation and Mindfulness

Comfort first.

Balance and control of the mind through ethical practices, concentration (dharana) and meditation (dhyana). Transform all our mental and physical energy into peaceful, spiritual energy. Meditation is the backbone of Rāja Yoga (see our Raja yoga Teacher Training)
Practices can be divided into eight limbs, each limb developed to bring the
body and thought energy under control. and prepare for transcendence and union.

Yogic meditation is the process of going beyond Buddhist tradition of Mindfulness. We will carefully and naturally place you into the mindfulness zone , but ultimately guided beyond. This process can provide life-changing experiences.


Mondays: 7-8:15pm GentleBody/GentleMind Just drop on in! (Guided Imagery)
Tuesdays: 4 Week Series: Next one starts November 1, 2023 @ 8pm (40-45 mins) For Yogic transcendence.
Wednesdays: 6:30 - 8:15am Silent Meditation (donation based) is on hold until Spring due to plowing schedule this year.
Fridays: Coming April 2023

Stretch, Breathe, Meditate

  • Starts Feb 21, 2023. 6:30 – 8:50pm. You may just register for Breathe/Meditate only 7:50-8:50pm or do all 3.
  • Pre-Register by February 15th. If after Feb 15th – please call or email to see if there is space.
  • No experience needed! 
  • Please be sure you can attend all 4 sessions – the breathwork will not be fully repeated each week so that we can build upon them.
  • Dress comfy! Bring mat or rent for $2. All other props provided by GBY
  • Sign in at the window sill. 
  • Shoes off and personal items remain in car or lobby. 
  • Online price $85 (or $55 for just Breathe/Meditate). Cash discounts by FEB 15th ($72/$45).  You may drop off at the studio in the white lock box at the top of the stairs.

Silent Meditation in Bloomfield

  • Pre-Register by 7:45pm Tuesday to get the door code.
  • Arrive anytime between 6:45am and 7:45am. Please enter quietly. Exit by 8:15am. But if you are in a good place and don’t want to clock watch, just leave when you are ready
  • You can come for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or the whole time. 
  • Sign in at the window sill. 
  • Shoes off and personal items remain in car or lobby. 
  • Use any props, chairs you like for your meditation and set them on the floor quietly.
  • First one in – please turn on lights if needed. You may leave them on, no one needs to turn off.
  • Enjoy the energy of other peace seeking beings.

Meditation 4 Week Series

  • Offered in Bloomfield.
  • Next Session: TBA
  • All 4 weeks highly encouraged, if missing more than 1 week you may be asked to withdraw.
  • A program designed for comfort, relaxation, and union.
  • All are welcome, however please email us for the next date as we will limit to 10 – 12  beings of light.
  • Offered various times but generally weekday evenings.
  • No experience required, just the desire to learn lifelong tools
  • $33  If paying in person – cash / check only. Credit Cards accepted online at $40. You may drop off at the studio in the white lock box at the top of the stairs.

Meditation is for Everyone

Explore our more contemplative practices below by going to the Offerings page and filtering for Meditative/Contemplative.  


Over 2 Hours Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga by Candlelight (2.25 Hours)

More than a class,this is an experience! A GBY signature program by offered by certified restorative yoga teachers.

Restorative yoga poses require no muscular exertion.  Supported by blankets, bolsters of all shapes and sizes. Each pose and each breath serves to lead you further up the ladder of expanded awareness.

Each posture provides a floating affect and carefully placed positioning of the bodies enhances receptors within that assist in your experience. How is this different than Yin Yoga? Yin Yoga provides deep stretching activating the sympathetic nervous system, Restorative Yoga, nothing is stretching, therefore activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Teachers may incorporate guided imagery and journeys, meditation, aromatherapy , gentle grounding touch as well as a few surprises. No yoga or meditation experience is needed.

Offered 1-2 times per month ($40). Fills fast. Please see our event calendar to book or our live calendar.

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga - Yoga of Meditation

The most popular sacred text of yoga is called Pantajali Sutras. Maharishi Patanjali incorporated a 8-limbed system to achieve liberation, or samadhi. the yoga practice referred to is raja yoga – the yoga of meditation. In a group or private setting we will discuss and practice the 8 limbs of yoga. Please note, there are no physical postures other than a posture comfortable for you for meditation.

GBY hosts approximately 4 Meditation classes per week –

Drop in as needed.

Yoga Breathing

Breath & You...

A practice of quiet & controlled power. Bring insight into each breath and what it’s benefit is. Offered as a series, to create a habitual practice in and away from the studio.

2-3 hours of no food prior to coming to class.





Meditation is a different experience studying with the same teacher on a continued basis. Various bodily positions offered to suit YOU – yet effective for a meditative experience. Several meditation practices offered (Healing Meditations, Meditation for de-stressing, Meditation for Transcendence). Meditation with Ease starts Feb 2020. Give Meditation a chance to arrive, it can take several sessions, we are here to help.

Relax into peace Yoga

Yoga Restore

Gentler than our other gentle yoga classes. We will passively stretch with the use of props and guided breath work. VERY calming and soothing. Regular practice creates a new way we view, perceive and accept daily life events. Expect some extra nurturing in this class.

Please note: This is not a Restorative Yoga class. Our Restorative Yoga sessions are over 2 hours long with no stretching and held monthly in Bloomfield.

Move, Breathe, Meditate

Move, Breathe & Meditate

Namaste! Two-thirds of the class will be geared toward awakening the energy within us through a series of postures and breath work to better focus the body-mind for the stillness we lack in our lives. We will then anchor into a brief guided meditation (20 mins). This class is a great intro to many aspects of a yoga practice, creating a more rounded experience with your mind and body and spirit. Great class for family, friends, partners!

Yoga teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Yin Yoga

A deeper experience in postures with long generous holds. Targeting the connective tissue, joints, organs & meridians inviting astral, causal and physical awareness. Students remain close to the floor. You decide how challenging you want to make the pose, tap into various edges and observe how the breath speaks to you. Props are used to deepen and/or nurture the pose. Wendy is a Yin Yoga Certified Teacher.

Deep Release Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga: Body Lab

A strong body focus.

1st Tuesday of each Month: Heart Openers, Shoulders,Twists
2nd Tuesday of each Month: Hip Openers
3rd Tuesday of each Month: Hamstrings, Calves & Thighs
4th Tuesday of each Month: Full Body
5th Tuesday should there be one: Sweet Surrender

Please get a Doctor’s release for those that are expecting moms.


Gentle Body Gentle Mind Yoga and Meditation

Gentle Body, Gentle Mind

A Grounded By Yoga Signature class! Soft purposeful postures to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Students stay close to the mat, often supporting the body with props to release and restore energy. We will methodically prepare the mind and body for meditation, creating an ease-ful and satisfying experience. Your guide will create a variety of focuses, breath practices and guided meditations to connect with consciousness, ourselves and the Universe. For beginner’s, we suggest a minimum of 10 classes with the same guide for effective manifestation of the practice. It takes time.

Sweet Surrender Yoga

Sweet Surrender

Surrender into long sweetly held stretches. This class can be as challenging as you make it – yet available to all. Held at 9:30am on the 3rd Wednesday of the month – much like Relax and Renew with some Deep Release options. Great for flexibility! It’s YOUR edge to play with! Student chooses how deep and how sweet you want to surrender. For beginner’s, we suggest a minimum of 10 classes with the same guide for proper delivery of yoga foundations.