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8 Reasons to Meditate


Take a moment…and take a look at your life. What would you change about it? Chances are that your answer(s) would connect to one or more of the eight areas we will explore in this article. And if your life is so busy that you can’t even think of an answer to this important question, […]

How can Yoga “last” in the USA?

Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation

Before Georg Feuerstein (yoga historian/scholar) died in 2012, he made a comment that “Yoga is a mess”. There is Beer Yoga (?????), Goat Yoga (animals are not to be exploited – step one to yoga), Yoga for this and that (all yoga is for healing) – it has become diluted and , in some instances, […]

The Science of Meditation: Unraveling Its Secrets

Meditation for all

Let’s Not Think Meditation is a topic that has been gaining popularity over the years. Although it has been around for 5000 years, more and more people are starting to explore its benefits. It is no longer considered just a spiritual practice but has become an important tool for self-growth and self-improvement. In this blog, […]


Meditation tips

​MEDITATION TIP: Thoughts flood the mind. ​Label them as thinking. ​J​ust say, ​”​thinking​”.​ If traumatic events come up it’s not the thoughts of them that are bothersome ​- ​it’s the clinging to the thoughts that are bothersome.​Rest in your thoughts and do not resist them. Rest in the breath ​….as you witness t the thoughts. […]

Wherever You Go, There You Are

whereever you go there you are

A popular saying in the 70’s hippy movement. But I don’t think there is ever a truer statement ever made. Being consciously aware of how you move through life can take a lot of practice. But when we do, our feet land more solidly and firmly on the ground. We are grounded. We know that […]

Harvard Yoga Scientists Share Proof of Meditation Benefit

Meditation Benefits

Makiko Kitamura November 21, 2013   A man practices yoga on the waterfront at Nariman Point in Mumbai. Scientists are getting close to proving what yogis have held to be true for centuries — yoga and meditation can ward off stress and disease. John Denninger, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, is leading a five-year […]

Meditation 101: The Neuroscience of Why Meditation Works


MEDITATION AT GROUNDED BY YOGA Tuesday Evenings w/Mere 7pm East Bloomfield Wednesday Mornings at 8am East Bloomfield Friday Evening w/ Mere/Sandy 6:30pm at East bloomfield Closed sessions Wed and Thursday evenings – form your group today Private Sessions w/ Sandy or Mere (healing and guided) As yogis have known for centuries and scientists can now prove, […]