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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


A yoga studio and school for all beings. Offering authentic yoga classes, workshops and trainings in a supportive & tranquil & safe environment. Embrace a blending of the physical, psychological, spiritual & mystical aspects of this ancient practice into modern life. 

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For the Athlete, for the Peaceful one, for the Yogi Lifer, Yoga Kids and for the Yoga Teacher Trainee…..

 NO Pre-Registration is required for Regular classes. Just stop in!

Our centers belong to all beings. Grounded by Yoga is beginner friendly and consists of a laid back community led by a compassionate & diverse group of yoga teachers. Offering beyond the typical vinyasa classes.  Our Yoga, Breath,  Meditation and Tai Chi and Qigong classes are celebrated with a kind & compassionate & therapeutic / somatic approach. You can choose from daily yoga and meditation classes to our signature Restorative Yoga session or we can bring Yoga to You. Allow the principles of yogic practices ‘off the mat’ and out into everyday life. If it is your first time here, try one of our welcome specials.  Classes are in person but Zoom classes can be offered for private groups. See our Yoga to You page and request a special class.

Inflexible? Concerned about an injury or ability?  See what it’s like to be part of our inclusive approach.

We are Partners with Silver and Fit and Active and Fit! 

Grounded by Yoga offers sliding scale & outreach programs. Click Here.


Sharing space with Students come from all over! Honeoye, Bloomfield, Avon, Geneseo, Canandaigua, Mendon, Pittsford, Victor and Geneva

Welcome to a more traditional and inclusive approach. Have your concerns been ignored? Felt like you couldn’t keep up? Develop your practice in spaces that are down to Earth, non competitive & non-judgmental. 

Explore diversity at Grounded by Yoga offers in the form of yoga teachers and students.

We also come to you! Private Yoga Sessions for one or Group Class Yoga to You program since 1992. 

 Questions or concerns….simply call or email us. 

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More than just a yoga studio, a  World Yoga Federation affiliate Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training  & CEU school that guides you to teach from your heart, because lives are not scripted. Trauma Informed, Adaptive, and for Every Body. Yoga always was, and always should be. 

Your Lead Director, Sandy, has 5 decades of direct student-guru teachings and recently honored as Grand Master Yoga Teacher and  Senior Master / Institute Leader by the World Yoga Federation . Bi-monthly yoga & meditation teacher training info sessions are offered but not required.  

A. Truly. Timeless. Creative.  Program.

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

A Classical Yoga & Meditation School

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes
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