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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Yoga Classes $2 & Vegan Buffet

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

$2 Yoga Weekend!

includes Vegan Tapas!

Dear Friends….

Our teachers are graduating soon and are ready to share their gifts! join us in supporting their last weekend of training as they offer $2 classes that also include a Vegan Tapas! Its important you follow a few rules, this is a special event run under special provisions & insurances. This is an self-booking event. We will not be able to field phone calls or emails during this time.

Why Reserve Your Class?

  • So we can have enough to eat for everyone!
  • So our teachers can prepare for the group size!
  • Some teachers give gift give-a-ways and/or handouts.
  • So we have enough props etc.
  • We will limit ALL classes


  • Gentle: No arm strength postures. Kinder on the joints and muscles with shorter holds
  • Moderate Level: Longer holds (for increased strength, flexibility and challenge!) with arm strength poses offered.
(We are requesting you choose the proper level for this special event since the group is still in training. Thank you)
yin Yoga Teacher Training Rochester NYyin Yoga Teacher Training Rochester NY

$2 Yoga / Meditation Classes!


This is a beautiful event with wonderful energy!
Yoga Hands on AssistsYoga Hands on Assists
Teachers will be offering


Free Vegan BuffetFree Vegan Buffet
Come Hungry!
Compassionate eating is the first step to Yoga
Vic Yoga Teacher

"Joyful Flow Yoga"
Friday, April 1

A Moderate Level Class presented by Victoria!

I invite you to join me during this wondrous joy filled flow! Your evening class will be full of stress-relieving postures, melting away what does not serve your true nature, and exploring what feels delightful to your highest self.
explore the peacefulness that is right within you!

Yoga Sutra 1.3

"The mind is full of waves that can cause muddied, negative thoughts of ourselves. We must notice that we are the ones creating the splashes, in turn keeping the mind muddied. If we choose to let go of creating the splashes - we begin to see our true reflection as it always has been."

"Move, Breathe, Meditate"
Friday, April 1

An Open Level Class presented by Erin!

Let's go on a journey to your true self. By practicing the postures of hatha yoga, you will prepare your body for a beautiful pranayama practice, and allow the life force energy, that is prana, to fuel your body & mind. You will then be prepared to sit comfortably for a guided meditative practice that will guide you to peel off the layers of yourself that no longer serve you, and help you cultivate a sense of connectedness and groundedness.

25 minutes postures, 25 minutes breathwork, 25 minutes guided meditation.
Yoga Sutra 4.32

"Then the gunas terminate their sequence"

Harmony Yoga Teacher

"Gently You Yoga"
Saturday, April 2

A Gentle Level Class presented by Harmony!

A gentle hatha class that is accessible for practitioners of all levels.

The class will focus on calming movement that help to release stress while eliminating any potential for strain.

During gentle yoga we will practice postures that will bring your body and mind into a state of easefulness, while helping to increase mobility and flexibility, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Yoga Sutra 2.26

"Uninterrupted discriminative discernment is the method for its removal"

"Hips! Hips! Hips!"
Saturday, April 2

A Moderate Level Class presented by Jess!

(this can be challenging as it will have limited poses to choose from) It is said that we as human beings store our negative feelings and insecurities in our hips, which causes tightness. In turn, that tightness adds strain to the spine from overuse by compensating for our tight hips. So lets begin our day together by exploring hip-opening asanas that will release from our bodies all that no longer serves us!

Yoga Sutra 1.33

"By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and disregard toward the wicked, the mind-stuff retains its undisturbed calmness"

Amy Yoga Teacher

"Potluck Yoga
Sunday, April 3

Moderate Level Class presented by Amy! Yoga class with a touch of everything! Explore breath and postures to help release our attachments and aversions in order to connect with our inner light.

Yoga Sutra 2.7 & 2.8:

Attachment is that which follows identification with pleasurable experiences. Aversion is that which follows identification with painful experiences.

"Grounded Yoga"
Sunday, April 3

Moderate Level Class presented by Cat! Join me on a journey to the center of the self.

Here, we use the poses to get into our bodies - not the other way around!
Connect with your inner being and leave this class feeling at ease, at peace, and free.

Yoga Sutra 2:12

“Every action will leave its result; every cause will bear its effect”

"Ease Into Yoga"
Sunday, April 3,

A Gentle Level Class presented by Diane! I invite you to join me in easing into the practice of hatha yoga. Through gentle movement you will have the opportunity to move and breath through postures which will assist you in staying focused and remain grounded in your body and mind. Instead of allowing desires and attachments in the mind to disturb or distract you, you can opt to breath into them and watch in wonder as the breath dissolves desires!

Yoga Sutra 1.15

"Every desire brings it’s own color to the mind. The moment you color the mind, a ripple is formed—just as when a stone is thrown into a calm lake, it creates waves in the water. When the mind is tossed by these desires one after the other, there won’t be peace or rest in the mind."

Sandy "Saraj" Hicks

"The Mamma Kula!"
Just hanging around watching these beautiful Kulas share their gifts to you all. I might be wiping a tear or two as these little birds fly their nest.

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