No Need To Sign Up For Weekly Classes! Ever! Just drop in.

Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Grounded KIDS YOGA! Starts Jan 8th!

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes
Kids Yoga Class

Canandaigua Location

Ages 6-10ish

Choose: Drop in $10  or get a discount package of 6 consecutive classes for $50. If you have never been here before please arrive 15 mins early or register online.

Teaching children peacefulness can be the greatest gift. A weekly regular practice:

*Enhances concentration
*Develops coping strategies
*Increases healthy responses to stress
*Develops social skills

Today’s kids are bearing a huge burden of expectation, school pressure and the competitive world. Moreover, video games, electronics and junk food are interfering with the value of connection. Such things may hide our children’s innocence and joyful life. Children often do not know what to do when inner stress arrives.

Avoid medical intervention – drugs. Our children are in great need of mental fitness. Our Grounded Kid’s Yoga is safe and effective and guidance by a Romy

Drop in $10
Discount: 6 consecutive sessions $50

Pay online, at the time of your arrival at the studio, or call 585-861-9642!

(Kids only due to space, effectiveness and body and class structure)