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8 Reasons to Meditate

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Take a moment…and take a look at your life. What would you change about it? Chances are that your answer(s) would connect to one or more of the eight areas we will explore in this article. And if your life is so busy that you can’t even think of an answer to this important question, then you have already identified your first reason to meditate.

  1. TAKE A BREAK: The problem here is that the only time we usually give our mind a break is when we sleep. If we could turn it off even for the briefest moment during tour day, we would enjoy a surprising surge in or energy, performance and overall well-being. With meditation, we do just that. We take a break. Don’t we value days off and vacation time? Meditation provides the same benefits but much cheaper, and its continually throughout your day, week, life.
  2. SEEK CLARITY. Clear your mind for new things to land. Our minds can be drenched in thought. Our senses take in information all day without us even asking it to. When we learn to clear our minds, something happens at a deep level 0 our thoughts sort according to usefulness and priority, And then they integrate to produce states like intuition and even genius. Simply state, when you have a regular meditation practice. you can experience the mental clarity that provides a new efficiency and effectiveness on how you handle life, inside and out.
  3. EMBODY AWARENESS. Awareness is possibly the simplest, yet most profound quality or skill that we can practice. By becoming aware of ourselves, we get the truth of ourselves, free of confusion, and ultimately, the illusion of life. The journey of awareness started very young for me – about 6 or 7, and know it has provided the magic that surrounds me daily. Awareness can lead to the ultimate experience of life.
  4. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. In Meditation, feelings have a way of coming to the surface. It is when feelings remain beneath the surface, unconscious, that they control us. When we shed light on them (which occurs in Meditation prep work), we can look at them objectively, resolve them, and actually learn form them to enrich our lives.
  5.  CREATE CONNECTIONS: What separates us from others are identifications such as ethnicity, gender, orientations, groups to which we belong and many other self-defining items. In Yoga / Meditation its about REMOVING all these labels to find the true self, and the oneness. Meditation allows us to experience what is essential, and therefore – common to all beings. When we take this state into a social setting and our interactions with another person, we can actually merge with that person at a level that is far beyond the physical. We can show others in a deeper way, which then, in some mystical process, allows us to know ourselves in a much deeper way. 
  6. ACHIEVE SUCCSS: Daily meditation creates abundancy. First, we organically learn what success ‘really’ is. Then, it comes. Once we remove the mud that is in the way of an abundant life, we are no longer chasing impossible to catch shadows. The rivers flow into our ocean – and just like that……
  7. HEAL YOURSELF: The connection between meditation and healing concerns the proven link between stress and disease. And there’s more. When we stress, we make traditional treatments less effective. So since stress can be a common human reaction when we are diagnosed with a disease, we actually then strengthen the disease’s hold over us. Lowering our curability. (Science has long proven stress accelerates diseases of mind and body). 
  8. CULTIVATE SPIRITUL RICHNESS: We are essentially spiritual beings, so to become more spiritual means to become less of that which is not spiritual about us. When you sit in meditation, you encounter those things about us that move us away, or distract us form our true spiritual; nature. Some of these things are: the thinking mind, feelings, impulses, desires – all related to our material, non-spiritual concerns. In meditation, you transcend them.