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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Yoga “Class Levels”

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Class Levels

Below describes the terminology used on the class calendars to help you decide where to begin from a physical standpoint. All injuries, concerns are taking into consideration no matter what class a student chooses. If your schedule does not align with the level you seek, let your teacher know and we will be glad to assist you. Our teachers are all Yoga Alliance teachers and possess a professional (and friendly) skill-set to offer an enjoyable, attainable session. Beginner Series Who should enroll? Absolute beginners, of course! Students seeking to revisit the principal foundations found in all classes
Yoga Gentle Students who are seeking: To sweeten the nervous system throughout class To be gentle on joints (no arm strength postures or being on wrists) Shorter holds
Yoga Moderate Students who: Are comfortable with Pranayama, Alignment, Bandhas Desire upper-body strengthening Desire for prep-work for intricate poses Binds & Balancing Inversions are introduced
Yoga Seasoned Students who: Knowledge of advanced breaths Unassisted balancing inversions Have a regular physical practice and like to explore deeper/playful options Longer holds for increased strength & flexibility
'Yoga Open
These classes are decided on the spot! Often the teacher offers a pose with options to add-on, deepen. Can run like a Mixed Level - but for the most part will be guided according to attendance.
Advanced Yoga Practices For the “Life Style Yogi”…Our Yoga Teacher Training. A true, spiritual journey being true to yoga's roots.