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Why Are We Changing What Yoga Is?

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes
why are we changing

Why are we changing?

Yoga is Samadhi – the removing of obstacles to unite with Divine energy (Purusha)

Sadly, a 5000 year old proven science, has become a novelty act.

  • Yoga with Weights
  • Wine and Yoga
  • Chocolate and Yoga
  • Yoga with Llamas

You are moving AWAY from Yoga with the above…..


And I personally am not implying there is anything wrong with Pilates or stretching or wine ……but Satya (non-truth) of Yoga is present in them all. Or let’s get right down to it, its Avidya.

Little by little…yoga will fade away….because it’s not working…..the way it used to. Yoga historian Georg Feurstein once said “Yoga is not working anymore due to dilution. It’s a mess”

Has yoga changed your life? This is very likely, as almost everyone who practices Yoga has been touched in some way by its transformative power. Maybe you feel good about your body. Perhaps your life, your relationships and your worldview have undergone a deeper change. But as these changes often happen over time, as part of an organic and subtle process, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint exactly what yoga is that helps you live a better life.

Perhaps most importantly, your yoga practice allows you to experience a happier, freer self, says Anusara yoga instructor Siana Sherman. Practicing asana, she says, will show you that you can achieve things you never imagined. “At first we thought, ‘There’s no way I can do a handstand.’ “And then we started building that trust in small steps.

Yoga teaches you to make better decisions. So, you take the time of your day to do it “People who practice yoga realize that they are making decisions that are more useful than destructive,” “I often tell my students that after practicing yoga for a few years, one of two things will happen: either you will start to change for the better, or you will never stop improving.”

My students in recovery ask “Yoga and Beer? How is that a thing”?. I have to remind them that Yoga is the undoing…the returning to the SELF not running away from it with substances. Not Exploiting animals for money, become sattvic with our foods and other choices. And certainly not stimulating the sympathetic nervous system or damaging our subtle body with booze.