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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

A popular saying in the 70’s hippy movement. But I don’t think there is ever a truer statement ever made.

Being consciously aware of how you move through life can take a lot of practice. But when we do,

our feet land more solidly and firmly on the ground. We are grounded.

We know that wherever we go, there we are. Nothing has changed but the name of the location. And then it is time to move again, and again, and again. Like a cat chasing its tail, although amusing for a while, we wonder why the story is the same all over

again. Being grounded also means we are there for others that have counted on you and learned from you. Whether its family, friends, partners, children or even my yoga students.

A practice I do with my hiking group is the practice of connecting to the Heart of the Planet. It begins by our own connection of ourselves. Being fully present in the body can take a while, depending on how habitually disconnected and ungrounded a person has been in their life. Many people are chronically partially out of their body due to a variety of conditions, some of which include: unhealed past physical or emotional traumas, living out of contact with the earth (cities, apartments, etc), unwillingness to confront the darker aspects of the subconscious mind, use of alcohol or other drugs (street or prescription) , over-consumption of television and other forms of digital numbing. Hatha yoga classes have a strong purpose of placing you back in touch with your very own flesh and bones.

Take your shoes off.
Take your coat off.
Remove your sunglasses and any baggage you are carrying.
Allow your focus to arrive to the space between the Earth and your feet…be with this for 10-15 minutes and then let them merge together and remain there for as long as you can. Ultimately for hours. Feel one-ness….imagine it then feel it. Sit into that embodiment of warmth, and you’ll not need your coat or sweater on a chilly day. A natural vibration of unfettered energy will embrace you and bring a clam you can call ‘home’. During this practice when even the felt sense disappear, you have permanently arrived home. Welcome.

Once you arrive, share. Stay around, and share. Be that rock that everyone wants to sit on or near. Movement of the mind, brings movement of the body. I must do, be, go…….Be silent, be still. Be at peace to be silent and still. Everything you need is in front of you, behind you, around you and within you.

We need more of you…….lets not perpetuate the widespread of ungrounded energy that has become prevalent in certain pockets of the world, communities and even homes.

Now get outside and practice. Do you dare?