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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

What is GentleBody/GentleMind?

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

This class was one of the first classes in the Bloomfield area. In 2009, I created a sweet little studio over on Route 5 & 20 where I taught full time. (16 weekly Public Classes, 3 weekly Private Sessions and several monthly Outcalls).

One evening – Friday evening – was lacking in classes. For me, Friday evenings? Heck – that’s time for your partner, time for dinners out, time to pack for camping – not time to be inside 4 walls. But, one day a student approached me in between classes with a broken wrist and wanted a class that would allow for him to experience the energy of a class, but without all the movement. GentleBody/GentleMind was born!

Initially, it was advertised for those “with broken parts”. It was amazing how many attendees I had. The space only accommodated 13 bodies…and I had 13 bodies – all with “broken parts”. However, it occurred to me immediately – those who thought they couldn’t enjoy a regular yoga class – sure could. Some how, they had the impression that if they had an ache or pain or arthritis here or there, or a replaced hip or knee or torn meniscus, etc. they wouldn’t be seen or heard in class.

At Grounded by Yoga, it was never even a thought – it was all inclusive – no matter the body, belief, background, race, gender etc. Hatha Yoga was always intended for healing (and kundalini rising of course). I realized the demographic wasn’t always in that belief. It was time a Teacher Training was born in the area that acknowledged HOW DO WE BE INCLUSIVE to all that walk through our door? This would mean keeping enrollment to 10 students or less so personal attention was received by each trainee and they too were feeling completely inclusive. That’s how it works. What we receive, we give.

This means…


  • we don’t mentally or physically script teach,
  • we never ‘do the practice’ while they are in their practice,
  • we have the student do an intake form and we read the intake form,
  • we assist each body with one of 3 intentions
  • we teach from our heart
  • we teach according to the energy in front of us
  • we offer, ask and use feedback
  • we accept we are not magicians and refer as we need to

Your guide will help you find the most comfortable seat for you during your time in meditation……


Drop on in! Frist time here? 3 classes for $25 (cash/check only please)

Gentle Body, Gentle Mind
A Contemplative/Meditative Practice

A Grounded By Yoga Signature class!

Soft purposeful postures to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Students stay close to the mat, often supporting the body with props to release and restore energy. We will methodically prepare the mind and body for meditation, creating an ease-ful and satisfying experience.

Your guide will create a variety of focuses, breath practices and guided meditations to connect with consciousness, ourselves and the Universe.

You and your guide will determine the most comfortable position for you to be in during meditation (the second half of the class).

For beginner’s, we suggest a minimum of 8-10 classes for effective manifestation of the practice. It takes time.