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How to Protect Yourself as an Empath

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Our story starts with painting a picture of society as we know it: Your parent(s) unknowingly project their life’s experience onto you. Trying to guard you from unnecessary pain or even just projecting pain from everyday life onto you. This gives you the perspective of inadequacy because of these projections from your parent(s). There becomes a subconscious need within the child to project itself onto it’s environment to receive love and joy. You think to yourself, “I need a degree to prove my knowledge, I need a lover to receive and give my love to, I need a car, clothes etcetera to project my joy onto others so they will give me approval.” You begin becoming all that is fed to you instead of listening to the knowing voice within that says, you are loved now.

All things come from within you and yet look like they are coming from outside of you…

If you are feeling someone else’s pain, maybe even getting hurt in any situation from another, it’s because you are projecting a subconscious fear onto that person, you are projecting your life experience onto them. This person hurting you (whether they say something offensive or you just feel their pain they are experiencing) then becomes a mirror of your experience. This is the universe literally presenting itself as a reflection to you for you to heal that space and experience/painful personal memories that which you have attached to that are limiting your joy and happiness. Those experiences or memories that are stopping you from being in the now.

In spirit science perspective, the reason that you are an empath is because you are tuned into the universal consciousness more than other people. You are so dialed in to the oneness factor that connects us all, that you are feeling someone else’s pain. Which really means you are projecting and reflecting your own experiences into the situation which makes you empathic to begin with. You are the universe itself experiencing itself through a fractalized visual mass. And although those experiences of others are quite vivid, like when entering a crowded space and feeling the emotions of what seems to be everyone in the room. You are able to feel those feeling because you were keen enough as a child to feel the projection of your parents. You have become dialed into your own experiences so much that you feel the myriad of others emotions outside of yourself. This projection is not only for the healing of others outside yourself but also for you.


Let me put it this way: That person may look different and you may feel that you are experiencing their pain outside yourself but what made you able to do experience their pain to begin with? When you realize that we are all one there is no need to separate yourself from anyone, to “guard” yourself from anyone. You start to love and heal that space within you and that in turn makes you tune into their pain through unconditional love, instead of just feel the intensity of their pain and pushing them away. What you push away in others you push away in yourself, therefore I am going to give you the steps to give yourself and simultaneous the universe, a huge group hug in three steps:

1. Recognize and take note of when you are able to feel other people’s pain.
The first step is anytime you feel someone else’s pain, are offended by something or you take that as an indication of a place that is not healed within you; start asking, “Why did that make me feel: hurt, jealous, angry, and/or sad etc.?” “What do I share with this person in my environment?”

2. The next step of metamorphosis and raising vibration is to look deep within to see what makes it possible for you to relate and feel that pain in others to begin with. Was there an experience or false belief in your life that made you offended or able to feel their pain?

3. The third and final step is to identify the past experience of false belief, and instead of hide it or disassociate you embrace it with true unconditional love and tell yourself the truth, your truth. “That moment is healed with love. I love myself and others unconditionally, I forgive myself and others” It is a part of the past and instead of acknowledging it as a learning experience and dragging this burden on your shoulders along with you, relate to others, protect yourself from others or to place on others. Do yourself a favor, set the memory aside and embrace it with love. That memory does not define you now. You will then heal yourself but also heal the person outside of you by being able to give them calm centered advice from the knowing of how you have healed yourself. (Even though each person’s healing is truly their own and not your responsibility)

When you embody love you are a part of everything, while you simultaneously “separate yourself” (because you are vibrating at a different higher vibration) from the other person’s pain and become a part of the healing process. It is the perfect “shield” 😉  When embrace you with love and let it all go, you embody the clean, healthy, joyful inner child. That essence of life that un-”adulterated” (see what I did there) inner children we all have that emanates purity and light. That radiates it’s heart compass and doesn’t attach to it’s own experiences or through other people’s experience. Everyday is new, every person is embraced and healed as one with love.


You are not their or your own experiences. So want to know who you are?
What will resonate to your empathic sensitive loving core the most…

You are an infinite being of untouchable loving light. Your flame will burn just as the fibers and make-up of the stars you once were. You are in this moment, which is an expression of perfection and all things, all of the outer reaches of the universe are embodied in you right now. You are everything.

Act knowing we are all one.

Experience joy by being in the moment

Experience unconditional gratitude, open-hearted giving and love.

Listen to your heart compass.

When we heal ourselves, we heal others.

Namaste, we are one.
Sending love and supreme divine light to each and every one.