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The Path of Yoga will Choose YOU

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

The 4 Paths of Yoga are the paved earth life to Samadhi. One of my favorite books thats easy to read and tells it like it is- is from Swami Rama. Here is a cute 4 minute video if you would like an introduction to the 4 paths. This also gives the perspective that the paths may change, which I can see that more-so than what Swami Sivananda has taught me – The Yoga of Synthesis (do some of each at all times) But let me leave you with one thought, its a quote by Ms Midler I believe “The more you do, the less you do well”. Hence – let the path find YOU (as the title of this post indicates) and you’ll that mountain is a sweeter walk and not so tall. Enjoy!