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Oh My Knees, Please

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Although the “internet” might tell you it improves mental focus … sure is hard to focus when you are in pain. Anyone can blog on the internet, including me!

Hatha yoga (movement yoga) is meant to SERVE the pain – not CAUSE it.

Regarding being on one’s knees. there is evidence it is associated with a higher risk of cartilage damage – resulting in osteoarthritis (between the kneecap and thigh bone). You can also irritate the bursa causing it to swell and be painful.

Personally I haven’t directed anyone ‘on their knees” in decades. I remember being a little girl in church and being curious as to why my Aunt wouldn’t use the ‘padded’ kneeler and she told me it wasn’t comfortable. It was fine for me, it was comfortable for her sisters, but not her.

Years later in training, it all made sense. We are the same on the inside, but not the outside.

Most of my colleagues rarely use kneeling pose (or any ‘one knee down’ poses) either. Sometimes when you have been teaching a long time, real things become important and important things become real.

Our phone call indicated you currently attend ‘another place’ and no intake form was asked of you and you were guided to deeply flex your knees. This caused a current condition to worsen, but you did but because your Doctor told you to “go to Yoga” and you heard “yoga fixes everything’. Well it does – the wisdom of yoga does. The movement of yoga is another thing….

If your teacher/studio does not ask for an intake form, that’s a bit scary. Would you go to a physical therapist and not tell them what is wrong? Your body isn’t the same as your neighbors on the mat, nor the teacher’s up front.

An intake form is critical. It allows the teacher to be inclusive. And no worries, we won’t single you out…“Miss X you do THIS pose while Mr Y – you should do something else cuz of your such and such”. Truthfully, most every one of my students has “something” that inspires and guides me what to teach each time I walk in.

Although we aren’t magicians, we do try to see each and every one of you…..

Just let your teacher know in case it was missed something on your intake form or if anything changes during your time here so we can update your profile. Your feedback is always very helpful.