Mother Nature Hike and Meditation

Thursday, June 29, 2017
5:15 PM to 7:15ish PM
Onanda Park
4965 West Lake Road, Canandaigua, NY

We will meet in the “upper Parking Lot” – its the lot NOT at the lake. I will have a black van with Meetup Sign on Window!
Price: $5.00 /per person
Refund policy

We will walk the beauty of Onanda Park along the West side of Canandaigua Lake.

The group shall first form a circle sharing and discussing some special ways to walk our our hike using general and easy to use techniques found in Yoga/Meditation

The end of our journey we will anchor with a relaxation technique that will assist on our manifesting of nature’s magic.

This park is walk-able by all – we will use a slow – moderate pace

Good shoes are nice to have! Bring any water, snacks and even a journal and pen for a journaling exercise (optional)

No electronics will be allowed on our nature hike. We will take pictures with our soul and imprint them there.

DATE: June 29th, 5:15pm to 7:30ish

COST: $5 or any donation you are comfortable with. A smile is perfect!

REGISTER: RSVP here on this board. We also will have folks registering through other means and total Limit is to 20 beings.

(RSVP only if you are coming for sure as we will wait for everyone to arrive before we start. Cut off is June 28th at Noon.)