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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

How do I start my Yoga Journey?

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

We want to help you decide where to begin!

If you are brand new here and want to start a beginner series in Yoga or Meditation, we offer them as often as we can. BEGINNER SERIES.

Or perhaps those dates don’t work for you? That’s ok! You can begin with any class! We are a traditional studio and care about…..1) what you are seeking to get form your class and 2) any injuries or concerns you may have. With this knowledge we provide a heartwarming and friendly class amongst other down to Earth students just like yourself.

You can choose from one month for $45 – and take a class a day if you like! Explore all our classes and teachers at either location. OR you can invest $25 and get 3 classes (you have one month to use). BOTH come with a 15% continuance discount that you can apply to our 10-packs or our 3 month unlimited.

Ready to dive right in and take advantage of our monthly unlimited Yoga-Life package? You can do that too! This comes with many perks like freezing your package, double referral rewards, take 2 classes back to back or as many as you like in one day! We will be adding more rewards in 2023!

Questions or concerns? We LOVE phone calls or emails! CLICK HERE.