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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Grounded by Yoga Tribe

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes
  • Our teachers bring their insight, dedication, years of practice and training, as well as openness, creativity and caring energy to class every day building an environment filled with learning, compassion, and fun.
  • Yoga is well-being, health, relaxation, transformation, new possibilities within a conscious community.
  • We offer the highest quality programs for persons of all ages and walks of life and listen to and respect our students, their lives, and our planet as a whole.
  • Classes are offered in a variety of styles and at all levels from classical beginner students, children, athletes, seniors and people in need of rehabilitation; all with safe, compassionate and skillful teaching.
  • All of our Yoga teachers are registered with the National Yoga Alliance and comply with the code of ethics.
  • Continuously improving and expanding our efforts thus serving the needs of our diverse student population with the creativity of our outstanding teachers.
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