We have all heard zillion things from people with Yoga Alliance certification that how yoga teacher training course changed their lives. Their experiences act as a guiding light for us. But no words said and understood can explain the alteration & amends it makes to one’s being. Nothing can justify its beauty. A miraculous & astounding experience with divinity in its most awakened form, is what we have to say.

Spiritual transformation is the word that we would like to use to define after effects of yoga teacher training course.


1. Rediscover the Philanthropist in you

While you will hear your yoga guru preaching about the oneness of all beings, you will find yourself more attuned to the needs of others. Love will flow compassionately from your heart and whether it is nature, animals or other individuals, you would feel it is your duty to be empathetic towards one and all.

 2. Receive spiritual guidance

No matter how otherworldly it may sound but it is a fact that you will open up your intuitive centres. When you learn about ego and the self, you learn to let go of it freely. The process of releasing and surrender enfolds the perfect blueprint of the universe. Trust opens up channels of beauty & bliss, where the soul guides the awakened soul through the universe.

 3. Self preservation & Self acknowledgment happens

Living in a highly competitive world, we often neglect or overlook ourselves, which often leads to self criticising attitude. Yoga teacher training programme brings you to a zone of awareness and heightened understanding. The self reflection process starts and you develop a better relationship of the self. Love, trust, compassion and understanding of your soul reduces stress and anxiety by manifolds.

4. Let go off easily

Letting go is a slow process but with constant guidance and company of high attuned souls, it becomes easier for you let go off old habits. Things you do not require or are an extra baggage are dumped off with ease. Unplugging from technology or shift towards a healthier lifestyle and eating habits are some of the common changes observed.


5. Physical empowerment

One of the obvious benefits of 200 hour yoga teacher training course is that once you become a yoga instructor, you have the power within yourself. Body postures, body alignment and calm approach towards life, empowers your whole being. A unique experience, world would be a totally different place to live in.

6. Mental empowerment

There is no denying that we all have been exposed to how positive thinking works. But how many of us really work on it? Only a few. Yes. But in a more conducive environment, we all truly make an attempt to shift to positive thinking. This helps in relieving the mind from all its stress & doubts. Only one truth prevails. Meditation, pranayama & yoga nidra come together for your mental aid in this course.

written by: Manmohan Singh