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Coincidence, Synchronicity Serendipity

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Living in Balance…Being in the Flow

Our Universe is perfectly balanced by natural and spiritual laws which maintain order. We can learn to depend on these laws and live in alignment with this order and be “in the flow”. We live on a dualistic and physical planet. Because of this we often find ourselves faced with seeming paradox, caught in an endless loop of contradictions. However, it is important to remember, if we turn on a tape recorder and record our voice, when we play it back what we hear will be our voice saying exactly what we said. If we plant a spinach seed, spinach will grow, not cauliflower. One of the Universal Laws is, “what we sow in consciousness we reap.” It is important to remember that the Divine does not operate in a straight line. Our logic would like to use the straight line method of getting things accomplished. There is another plan, which is most often going to be about the people we will meet along the way. If we went directly from point A to point G in a plan, without first touching in with points b-c-d-e-f, we would miss part of the story. We learn that when we are “in the flow” things flow smoothly in our lives and unexpected events happen. Some call these events coincidences or synchronicity. Some call them Divine-incidences. We live our lives synchronistically and experience serendipity. Serendipity is defined as the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident or events which happen when we begin to “dip” into life with “serenity”. Webster calls it, “the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.” It refers to the discovery of a goal which you stumble into (or which stumbles into you) while you are on a search for an altogether different one. An unexpected discovery of some-thing worthwhile during a search for an expected something worthwhile. The challenge is to accept the unexpected, or at least to pause to analyze what these unlooked for happenings may mean in relation to the total business of living. Like many of the finest things of life, like happiness, tranquility and fame, the gain that is most precious is not the thing sought, but one that comes of itself in the search for something else. Many scientific breakthroughs have occurred just that way, such as penicillin and the nicotine patch.

Serendipitous and Synchronistic Events are increased in our lives when we live life with:

Great sublimation’s—to hold elevated, lofty or higher thoughts, to keep our minds on that which we want instead of worrying. Great observations—staying conscious of all that is going on around and within us, and observing messages or intuitions from our oversouls. The Divine uses everything and everyone to communicate with us. Truth will resonate in your heart and in every cell of your body. Simple mental understanding is not truth. We should use the heart as our compass. Do you make your decisions with your heart your mind or your gut? Freedom is the ability to make choices. Don’t beat yourself up about the choices you have made in the past, choose again. Make more creative choices. The fact that a desire or dream you have has not materialized does not mean it has been denied, just postponed. Most of us were taught things we have to unlearn. We were taught that the spiritual path is about sacrifice, suffering, submission and poverty. These things must be unlearned. We have been taught only the worldly path could provide freedom, fulfillment and good fortune. If we live our lives insightfully, philosophically and trust our guidance, we will live lives filled with serendipitous events. We will experience synchronicity. To me, being insightful means looking at my life, observing it as I am living it, not living from an unconscious perspective. To be philosophical means to understand that everything has a meaning even though that meaning may not be immediately known to us. If we accept all of our duties as divine commands, we can do those daily things, which simply must be done, in a state of joyfulness and with the best of intentions. If we can keep a philosophical attitude that “something good and enjoyable can happen while I am doing this chore,” it creates a space in which serendipity can happen. Trust your guidance. Even if you have not reached a point where you as yet actually hear the voice of your soul, you can learn to trust your intuition. If your inner prompting is wholesome, clear and in the rhythm of your life, obey it. If it has a heavy feeling, question it. If it has a light touch, follow it. Always ask for guidance and assistance, since the Oversoul is not allowed to force guidance on us because of the Universal Law of Free Will. The serendipitous test of guidance is threefold:

  • It always motivates us
  • It always fills us with a sense of rightness
  • It always leaves us and our world in better spirits than before

Everyone is on a path whether they realize it or not—path that spirals down a maze or a path that spirals up. Remember to occasionally look at how far you’ve come on your path. Often we do not give ourselves credit for the progress we’ve made thus far. We sign contracts with our souls before we come into each incarnation. These contracts are usually very general, but not vague. We can work out the contract of our destiny through many varied choices of careers. But our real job is to recreate heaven on Earth within each individual’s life. Instead of searching for heaven we are to co-create it. It is important to not get stuck in an “ism” of any sort. They are guaranteed roadside parks on the path. One can safely investigate an ism, but it is important not to remain a long time as part of a group of any sort. Isms, used as learning experiences, can be very valuable. So can relationships, but not if you’re stuck there. Do not stay stuck in your past. Do not lament it or your family of origin. Move beyond it. Realize that you chose these teachers, these courses. Whether it was a course in Alcoholic Parent 101, Sexual Abuse 202, Addiction 303, Divorce 101, or Bankruptcy 202, they were all just classes. You can choose to stay stuck, to make excuses, to use the past as an excuse or you can choose to co-create a future based on what you’ve learned. Everything moves in cycles: the planets, the tides, the seasons, day and night. There are industrial cycles, political cycles and fashion cycles. We are in what is known as the information age or cycle, the age of receiving and disbursing or networking information. We each have our individual cycles. It is very important to become aware of our own personal cycles and to get in tune with them. We can only accomplish this through self observation and attunement with our soul. Life is a wheel. Fate does not turn the wheel, we do. Our thoughts, the attitudes we assume and the way we look at things, determines the spin and velocity. We determine where life is taking us. When we stay relaxed, receptive and inwardly confident in the knowledge that we are spiritual beings experiencing life as humans, we can remember the bigger picture and accept our role in it. We can get synchronized with life’s rhythm. When we are in a down cycle it is important to understand it is a time for learning. During the up cycle it is important to express gratitude and on the down cycle to demonstrate patience. When life seems to not be moving, when we feel stuck, it is important to be both grateful and patient. Gratitude and patience are two of the keys to living synchronized and serendipity-filled lives. To live in the flow.

by bj King

From the England Conference