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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Actual Question: “I am a senior and would love to learn more about Yoga. Do you plan to have a seniors class soon? I am not as fit as I was at 30. I am 67. Thank you for your time.

Answer: Dear XXXX, the path to Yoga is one of healing, it’s not a fitness program for the already “fit”. It’s for everybody and every body. The average age of my student is 58. My eldest student is 88. Our teachers are warm, friendly and down-to-Earth and have the training to address various physical needs should they arrive (or we refer). We also have a small group of teachers working with trauma/addiction students. I look forward to continuing our discussion to find the right class time for you. Please give a call when you are ready or stop on in. My office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday 11-4.


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