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4 Steps to Recovery

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

ONE. Strengthen the Brain Region That Is in Charge of Mental Focus

Finding the ability to create a strong focus on something, we gain the power to recover. We can then turn this lens inwards and witness our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they arise in our mindfield. You can do this at any time during your day.

TWO. Identify and Name That Which Arrives Into the Mindfield with Compassion.

By sorting our inner world in this way we, we bring a sense of order to something that is perhaps “out of order”. I like to look at these streams of words, thoughts as if they were someone else’s – this releases the tendency to attach to them.

THREE. Stress is not our fate. We can choose happiness over suffering as we observe.

Swami Satchidananda used to always say/ask is the thought or emotion “easeful, peaceful, truthful and useful”? Take a look, especially at thoughts that constantly repeat themselves. If the thought or emotion can’t be labeled by one of those words it’s harmful.

FOUR. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.

By continually being your own moderator of your thoughts, only the good ones can land in the body. Only the good ones can become our actions. Only he good ones can ease our pain. The good ones, start to make sense. The good ones, feel good.

The Adult Brain is Capable of Healing It-Self

background of brain inscription on rugged wall

Neurons, also known as nerve cells, are the fundamental building blocks of the brain and nervous system. They are specialized cells responsible for carrying information throughout the body. This communication is facilitated through electrical impulses and chemical signals, which travel from neuron to neuron.

Each neuron consists of three main parts:

  • The cell body (soma): This contains the nucleus, which houses the cell’s genetic material and manages the cell’s metabolic activities.
  • Dendrites: These are tree-like structures that receive messages from other nerve cells and transmit them to the cell body.
  • Axon: This long, thread-like part of the neuron carries nerve impulses away from the cell body and towards other neurons, muscles, or glands.

Neurons communicate with each other via connections called synapses. Chemical messengers, or neurotransmitters, are released into these synapses, bridging the gap between neurons and allowing them to convey messages throughout the brain and body. This complex network of neurons and their connections underlies all cognitive functions, including thought, learning, memory, and all sensory and motor activities.

OK…enough of the funky words….

The grand Central station of the brain that is responsible for our learning and creating new memory is the Hippocampus. Enough new neurons are produce each day to restore a damaged hippocampus from our past to come back to normal. Yes. Back to normal.

What happens in our “now life” gives new neurons their marching orders; advising them how to plug in to pre-existing neural circuits of the hippocampus.

We can begin to misshape ourselves. No longer letting THIS thought have energy: “I am a bad person” Why? Its not “easeful, peaceful, truthful and useful”. We paused and took the time to witness if they are so. Or if they are harmful. Let our new truth replace or mistreated self.

What We Think We Become. HELLO MEDITATION

silhouette of person near wall

Uyes full on meditation is hard. For the sake of this article lets discuss meditation as “what which can calm us”. This begins to strengthen the part of the brain, that needs our love back. it’s THIS area of the brain that was most weakened by most childhood mistreatments. Daily meditation practice and strenthine, repair and celebrate it’s reunion with itSelf.

YOU PROBABLY STARTED READING THIS BLOG because you like numbers! “4 Steps…..”. Well allow me to anchor with some numbers:

  • After only 4 hours of meditation practice, research says that the part of the brain responsible for focused attention is strengthened! (yea? this is our Step One)
  • Only 11 hours of practice, new tissues grow.

How does this help our addiction recovery? The first moment of normal brain functioning becomes an epiphany for the recoveree. Epiphanies don’t lie. Epiphanies change us permanently. An epiphany is a huge wink from the Universe, God, Higher Self, Cosmic Love etc…that you…are…coming…home…to…your…true…nature.

‘(Please note: Cell Phone addiction not only perpetuates fear, not only is a new class of addiction (doing the same unraveling of the brain that other addictions do), but scatter our neurons profusely. This can make meditation all the harder.)'(Please note: Cell Phone addiction not only perpetuates fear, not only is a new class of addiction (doing the same unraveling of the brain that other addictions do), but scatter our neurons profusely. This can make meditation all the harder. This can make recovery all the harder. Addiction get’s reinforced.)