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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes


My Story

Why I love yoga/my yoga journey:

I found yoga in 2022, during my sophomore year of college, when I had little knowledge of health and wellness. A simple 10-minute YouTube yoga video shifted my focus towards my mind, body, and spirit. My personal practice grew, and I began to notice myself making clear and intentional decisions.

I realized I needed to walk away from everything that was no longer serving me. So I dropped out of college and made my way back home to Canandaigua. I continued following YouTube videos (Yoga with Adriene & Yoga with Kassandra) every day and finally mustered the courage to take an in-person class. Tru Yoga in Rochester is where I took my first in-person class and I fell in love with the yoga community. The vibrational song of everyone’s breath touched my soul and everything seemed to fall into place. That was the moment yoga found me.

I immediately enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training course at Breathe in Pittsford. This course guided me through the power of meditation, the fascinating complexity of the human body, and the enlightenment of yogic philosophy. I also created strong and uplifting relationships with my instructors and training tribe who provided support and love.

I love yoga because it deepens my awareness and encourages my inner child to shine her light. Yoga is a beautiful blessing that demonstrates patience, love, and compassion in my life. I continuously learn about myself on and off the mat with an open mind and I hope to practice this forward with those who take my class!