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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes


My Story

200 hr Shri Vinyasa YTT, YogaVibe

Continuing Education, Lotus Life Yoga Center

Certified Hikyoga Instructor 

Yoga is a continual journey of connection, a practice that invites individuals to forge a deep and intimate relationship with themselves and the world around them. As an instructor, my primary aim is to empower students to embrace autonomy on their mat, fostering an environment where they can explore and honor their unique journeys. Practicing “hard things” (a pose, stillness, knowing limits, etc.) in this yoga container allows us to become more comfortable with the feelings and emotions of adversity, inviting us to be brave to explore challenges off the mat. It is my sincere desire that each student embarks on a personal quest of self-exploration, using yoga as a vehicle to consistently rediscover and reconnect with the beautiful essence of their being.