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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes


Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes
react or respond

React or Respond

Responding instead of reacting is a shift. It is how we change our lives. It is how we change the planet. How much of your

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end of life lessons

Mantra vs Affirmation

Actual Question: “…and then lately at a facility I go to for Meditation, they give us phrases or sentences for what they called “mantras”. My knowledge

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end of life 5 lessons

End of Life 5 Lessons

5 Brief Lessons: End of Life Don’t wait Truly welcome everything – even that what you resist Bring your whole self into the experience (de-fragment)

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Pranayama Before Meditation

In yogic meditations, one would traditionally perform two types of pranayama (one being a kriya) prior to settling into their meditation practice. Below is one

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raising peace

Raising Peace

We are happy to announcing Raising Peace program is returning! Read our blog post  from last year……… Since 7am this morning we welcomed 14 ‘homeless’,

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Yoga Body Workshops

“Yoga Body Workshops” Spotlighting various parts of the body for an effective learning experience and change in the body. Returning Soon Your guide will offer a

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Nobody Can Provoke You

Nobody Can Provoke You “If you are in control of yourself, nobody can provoke you. Anybody can retaliate, but it takes tremendous courage to smile

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