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What is a sound bath?

A sound bath utilizes ambient sounds to reduce the grip and pace of our thoughts, inviting a state of peace of mind and relaxation in the body. In yoga, its called a Dharana – a focus.  It’s to create a setting for a subsequent meditation.  Many instruments have been utilized to create sounds for healing, from the ancient tribal instrument from Australia known as the didgeridoo to the tuning fork.

How do sounds help me relax or heal?

Every cell, organ, and system in the human body has an optimum, healthy frequency or harmonious rate of vibration, also known as resonance.  Illness occurs when some part or parts are not vibrating harmoniously with itself or other parts as a whole, known as dissonance.  Quartz crystal bowls are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies.  The vibrational sounds produced as crystal bowls are played facilitate healing by working to resolve any dissonance in the body and creating harmonious resonance.

As the electromagnetic waves of energy in the brain begin to modulate to the sound frequencies of the crystal bowls, they have been shown to down shift from our more active beta waves to the calmer alpha waves.  With more exposure, even the alpha waves move into the more meditative theta wave state, perhaps even dipping into the deep sleep delta wave state.  It is in these slower brain wave states where deeper healing is available and prepare you for a meditative state.

Jen Agnitti
Guided by Jen