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Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

Local COVID Safety

Yoga Teacher Training in the Finger Lakes

The pandemic is still amongst us. Whether you feel government is over reacting or under reacting, the laws are the laws, and Grounded by Yoga cares. We want to be safe, we want YOU to be safe and we will always be lawful.

Be “in the know”.

There was a saying when I worked for US Customs, “Know before you go”. Knowledge is power, but can be difficult to access and navigate the some of the lanes of knowledge regarding the pandemic.

Last winter, when the virus was first “known”, areas were closed according to a broader range of criteria. Now, infrastructure is in place so that closings will be based on something called “Micro Clusters” Or “Cluster Hot Spot Zone”.

Here is a handy link you can visit:

  • Learn if you are in a Cluster Hot Spot Zone.
  • Learn if where you are going, is a Cluster Hot Spot Zone
  • Simply plug in an address, and it will tell you the status.

GBY continues to stay informed on NYS Mandates and laws. We promise.

And we are ready, if needed, to meet you online once again. (We do have some classes online now, but will extend the calender should the need arise).

Peace and light to all beings,