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Eryk of Jiva Point Sound Bath

Meet Eryk, self-described vibrational tonesmith and founder of Jiva Point.

Eryk's study of sound healing began in 2013 as part of his own yoga sādhanā . Dedicated to understanding the therapeutic and meditative power of sound, Eryk is passionate about guiding sound bath attendees on profound inner journeys toward realization and self-discovery. Through the etheric resonance of crystal singing bowls, gongs, and other harmonic elemental instruments, Eryk’s yogic sound bath sessions offer a transcendental experience where participants are immersed in a restorative field of vibration, cultivating peace and balance by connecting to the sacred space within (the Jiva Point).

Whether leading intimate private sessions or facilitating group sound healing experiences, Eryk brings a unique blend of compassion and expertise to this deep practice.

By fostering a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere, he empowers participants to release worldly tensions and connect with their inner selves from a place of trust, acceptance, and well-being. With a wealth of experience rooted in his commitment to the science of sound, Eryk is a devoted practitioner and trusted guide for those seeking to explore the transformative effects of sound as a powerful tool for the healing arts, meditation, and inner work.

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