Yoga. Step 1. Compassion. Connection. Ahimsa.

Many people in the USA view yoga as a bunch of postures and breathing methods. This is Hatha Yoga – created to invite the human league to lean in closer and discover the yogas to enlightenment: Raja, Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yoga.

All yoga has the common ground of knowledge/philosophy. All yoga incorporates the Yamas and the Niyamas. All Yoga starts with Ahimsa.

Ahimsa is 
for ALL
  Living Beings

Animal Testing

They can't call for help, but YOU can.

There are many ways to ensure that you are doing the most you can to end animal testing.

(these are just some of them):
Only buy products from companies that are certified and labeled as vegan and cruelty-free.
Only donate to charities that do not conduct or pay others to conduct experiments on animals.
VIsit SynDaver Labs - they have created the perfect solution for replacing animal's as models at Universities. The internet is full of places to purchase cruelty free items!

Buy in bulk and save.

But Chicken is Ok, Right?

Chickens enter the world on a metal shelf at a hatchery surrounded by thousands of other chicks. On their 1st day of life they are unable to see the sunlight or feel the earth beneath their tiny feet. They open their eyes and all they are able to see is darkness. On their second day of life baby chicks are shuttled along a conveyor belt of death where they are quickly sorted in a way that is completely devoid of any kind of emotion. Treated as commodities rather than living creatures, the female chicks are placed on one belt and the male chicks are placed on another, each leading to their own deaths – one, a relatively quick death, and the other, long and drawn out. All while chirping for their mothers.

Milk Comes From A Grieving Mother.....

There is no other species on the face of this planet that drinks milk past infancy from an animal of a different species than their own. Cows produce milk for the same reasons humans produce milk. Cows must give birth in order to produce milk.
But in order to give birth a cow must first be pregnant, and in order for a cow to become pregnant, she must be impregnated by a device known as a rape rack.
The first time I witness the sound of the mother cow grieving for her babies (males are dumped in a trash pile and females are immediately removed so they don't drink "your milk") I literally fell to the ground and started grieving too.

Love from our Students

yoga referrals and testimonies

“There is something pure, simple and meaningful about the Grounded by Yoga space.”

“The building itself, the interior design, atmosphere you feel when you walk in; but also the teachers and the people in general. Combine it all and it brings a sense of overwhelming love and peace that is ALWAYS there, it never fades, it never asks questions. It opens it’s arms and loves purely.”

“Sandy created this space out of her own amazing presences and spirit, and it’s a true reflection of her in whole. It’s such an honor to be a student at her studio, even if I don’t get there as often as I should. When I am there though, with all she brings to this studio and her teachings it truly is my special place to go when I need to dive inward, just be and my place to escape and bring everything back to myself and just love life all over again.”

“Slept wonderfully…as always”

“Awesome atmosphere….tranquil. Meditation class with Mere. was great. Slept wonderfully that night and no tension in neck and shoulders the next day. Definitely will be going back soon”

“Felt like I was there for 20 minutes instead of two hours.” The restorative yoga session on Sunday helped me realize how little I nurture myself. It has been decades since anyone tucked blankets in around me, laid out mats and blankets and then gathered and put them all away so I could just feel nurtured. I felt like I was there for 20 minutes instead of two hours. The readings felt soothing and reassuring, the reiki a gentle release in harmonizing energy. It was exactly what I needed at that time and I am very appreciative that you found a spot for me. It was a deeply healing experience, a great complement to a regular yoga practice.” Jeanne

“Grounded by Yoga is so perfect! Jackie is amazing”. Monday night’s toasty yoga is so perfect. Jackie is an amazing instructor! I just love how the room warms up with your body. You don’t even now that you are in heat sometimes the way it creeps in slowly. Nice job! More! More!

“The Philosophy session was wonderful. Thank you for offering this course. I do not know how you remember, let alone pronounce, those Sanskrit words.” CP

“I haven’t needed any back pain meds since the 2nd week!”. Hi Sandy, thanks again – I love it even more than I thought I would, and I haven’t needed any back pain meds since the 2nd week! ~ Maya

“…cut way back on drinking about 2 months ago all of a sudden
I am enjoying all of it. It says right on your website what happens when you take 3 classes a week. Life is simple, we only complicate it. If you take 58 years of experience and put it in what feels like a 25 year old body, what could be better? And you are my perfect teacher. I don’t know how these things happen, they just do. I also cut way back on drinking about 2 months ago all of a sudden. I used to have a beer every night, but it seemed like it was impeding my progress, whatever that means, so I just cut it out.The back bending machine would be great. I’ll come in earlier on Sunday and try it out. Put me on the rack!

Kids yoga has made such a difference…
Brody thoroughly enjoyed himself and is really looking forward to coming again this week. Such a nice little place you have!!! I’m glad we found you. Kids yoga has made such a difference. Thanks again Sandy, see you Sunday.

Most of the stretches really helped my running injuries.Sandy- AWESOME CLASS !!!!!!!!
We loved it. Most of the stretches really helped my running injuries. My form was kinda poor, but I think I was getting the idea of relaxing and reaching and focus. Loved the last 15 minutes. Really needed that. The girls really benefited too. Your studio is amazing. It’s perfect.

the teacher training program is exceptional.
Grounded by Yoga, created by Sandy Hicks, is a sacred and special space where the practice of authentic yoga is valued and encouraged. I would encourage people to take the program for personal growth to live a balanced, healthy and holistic life or to become someone passionate about maintaining the integrity of a full yoga practice that includes spiritual growth and meditation. Sandy Hicks guides her teacher trainees to teach from the heart and her students to focus internally with love and compassion. For this, and many other reason, the teacher training program at Grounded by Yoga is exceptional. Sandy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste.

Restorative Yoga training this past weekend…more than I imagined!
I first wanted to say thank you again for the training this past weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it, to the point where I am excited about passing this information on to family/friends. More so than I imagined.

“….gratitude for your compassion discussing my medical issues”
Thank you for meeting with me and taking the time and compassion for discussing my medical issues. Your background and thoroughness like none other that I have witness or received in other studios. I am very grateful for your time, space and knowledge Sandy. I look forward to continuing this incredible healing journey with you.

“never felt so comfortable anywhere as I do when I come to your studio
Thank you!!! I’m thrilled – I’ve never felt so comfortable anywhere as I do when I come to your studio. The last time I left I felt – nurtured. That is the best way to describe it.

” We can’t stop raving about how wonderful class was!
I wanted to try to come again once or twice this week for the gentle yoga. We can’t stop raving about how wonderful class was!!

“the depth of gratitude I have for you….”
I wanted to just thank you for all the love and peace that you have shared with me through Yoga Teacher Training. I honestly do not know how I would have made it through living here with no family without the family you provided me with. I never knew that yoga would have changed my life like this, nor that I would have found what I had always been looking for: a way to love myself, and find the Divine that I have been searching for. Thank you does not cover the depth of gratitude I have for you, your sacred space, and this life I’ve found.


“You’re the reason I have become a teacher…”

You’re the reason I have become a teacher who can actually provide a personal yoga training session now. Thank you Sandy!

“Loved having regular yoga as part of my healing!!”
Thank you!!! I am really really happy!!! Loved having regular yoga as part of my healing!! Thank you!!

” What marvelous teachers you attract there…”
I appreciate so much making the choice to come to yoga more often. That was a wonderful class this morning and now I have Nia to look forward to tomorrow with Holley. What marvelous teachers you attract there. My whole being feels more connected and my body is learning more and more how to release and also receive.
Thank you so much for your vision for the center in Bloomfield; it is a fantastic resource and I hope will continue to grow.

I look forward to continuing my practice throughout pregnancy and beyond”
Sandy, you have provided such a wonderful first experience for me in the world of yoga. I look forward to continuing my practice throughout pregnancy and beyond.

“how much I enjoyed Jessica s Beginners class
Just wanted to note how much I enjoyed Jessica s Beginners class. I figured it would be a good idea to go back and learn the basics since this is a practice that I definitely plan to continue Sandy of course is a wonderful teacher but as I heard that Jessica is rather new at Grounded By Yoga I wanted to be sure to let others know that she also is a true natural very knowledgeable and an authentic gentle soul I look forward to continuing

“Nadine’s class provided me with an introspective consciousness…”
Nadine’s class provided me with an introspective consciousness that I don’t think I would have been aware of without her guidance.
Sandy, nice class. You got some serious mojo working”
Sandy, nice class. You got some serious mojo working and I look forward to returning to your class on a regular basis

“…in regards to my questions”
I was a little nervous about going tonight but glad I did it. Thanks for being patient with me in regards to my questions. You make it really easy to ask !

“Everyone is so patient, helpful, supportive….”
I really enjoyed the class with Wendy and am definitely looking forward to our next session. She was patient and helpful and super supportive of our efforts in putting ourselves out there. My sister really enjoyed the class as well and was really happy that she took this first step. She too is also looking forward to the next session. I am spreading the word about your classes and facility!!

“After class I feel so relaxed and calm….”
I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the class, after class I feel so relaxed and calm. Thank you again!!!

I am planning on being to the Bloomfield class on Sunday at 2:00 PM this week. I really enjoy getting at least 2 days in during the week

“I love your classes Sandy, I always learn something new!!”
I love your classes Sandy, I always learn something new!! I hope you have a great weekend.

“What a welcoming lovely space …..”
just wanted to tell you how nice it was to be back in your studio! What a welcoming lovely space and it was great to see you Sandy i always feel soooooooo good when i leave

Sandy, how blessed I am to have you in my life! Class was absolutely exactly what I needed
Sandy, Just wanted to let you know how blessed I am to have you in my life – The class on “present moments” was absolutely exactly what I needed yesterday afternoon. My back stopped complaining and I had a very nice evening.
Thanks so much!

“it stopped me from thinking about anything but breathing”
Enjoyed the single nostril breathing we did tonight! Tried it in another class once before and felt oober akward……got the hang of it more today.
It is mentally harder than you would think, however it stopped me from thinking about anything but breathing
Have a great week!
Mrs. B

“this whole process has been amazing thus far and i’m super excited”
Thank you Sandy for an amazing weekend. You have been such a blessing in my life….this whole process has been amazing thus far and i’m super excited to see where it takes me. (Yoga Teacher Training)

“Wendy’s Yin class – VERY VERY NICE class, absolutely what I needed”
I just wanted you to know how very much I enjoyed Wendy’s Yin class – VERY VERY NICE class, absolutely what I needed. I have been spreading the word! thanks much!

“Thanks for working with us so closely! “
My Mom and I really enjoyed the class last week, despite the need for our modifications! Thanks for working with us so closely! See you on Thursday!


“Community Yoga…..so uplifting”
Today’s community yoga with Alissa was a treat! I truly feel honored to receive her guidance. So uplifting! So many thanks to both of you!

“I love my time at …grounded by yoga”
The yoga classes with Sandy and Wendy are invaluable to me after I broke my leg. I am ready to ride horses again and I know the classes are the main reason..I love my time at …grounded by yoga

“for challenging me to reach my soul”
Sandy, thank you for challenging me to reach my soul. Have a great Holiday!”

“Thank you for your commitment to your yoga students”
Thank you for all you do and your commitment to your yoga students. We’ve really enjoyed our Friday nights with you decompressing at the end of the week. Looking forward to many more weeks!

“Thank you for your kindness and generosity. The class was just a beautiful experience “
Dear Sandy, Thank you for your kindness and generosity. The class was just a beautiful experience and what I needed.
Its been a difficult week and so I have been out of sorts. I am so grateful that we have connected in the great universe
and look forward to getting to know you better to absorb your positive energy and grace.

“…. last week with Luc was a pleasant surprise, I was really energized and in a good mood the next day.”
I look forward to getting back on schedule! I also wanted to let you know that Kundalini Yoga last week with Luc was a pleasant surprise, I was really energized and in a good mood the next day.

“You always give the best yoga and meditation classes! I’m just so thankful to have Grounded by Yoga in my life”
You always give the best yoga and meditation classes! I’m just so thankful to have Grounded by Yoga in my life. It’s making a difference for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.Thank you so much!Smiles Always,

” each time there is a shift in my consciousness and some new piece falls into place”
Hi Sandy, I truly enjoyed the class today. I totally understand when new people come in and think you did a great job of encouraging and filling them in. The repetition is fine with me, I hear just what I need to hear and each time there is a shift in my consciousness and some new piece falls into place.
I really enjoyed the thoughts you shared near the end as we were going into shabassanah (no doubt wrong spelling!)


“thank you for guiding a wonderful class and spending the extra time with me afterwards”
Hi Sandy, Just want to thank you again… thank you for guiding a wonderful class and spending the extra time with me afterwards
I wish you a peaceful two weeks and look forward to seeing you in the new year .
Take care,

“….was afraid that I was not coordinated enough”
I started practicing YOGA 3 -4 months ago. I had always wanted to take a class but was afraid that I was not coordinated enough, and had a ruptured disc in the past. Then I found GROUNDED BY YOGA. Alissa had me feel welcomed and comfortable as soon as I walked in. She is amazing instructor who puts her students comfort and ability above everything else. She has helped me modify some of my movements so that I do not re-injure my back. I can honestly say I LOVE YOGA and look forward to my “practice.” Thank you GROUNDED BY YOGA! Thank you ALISSA!!

“…….I had taken yoga before, but never really quite got the jist of it”
Alissa is a phenomenal instructor.. I had taken yoga before, but never really quite got the jist of it… this was wonderful to learn it from the beginning.Her class is SUPERB!!!

” The vegan/vegetarian seminar was very informative and the food was INCREDIBLE
Sandy, The vegan/vegetarian seminar was very informative and the food was INCREDIBLE too! The information on dairy was especially eye opening to me. I appreciate all you have to offer and need to personally work on getting there more regularly. You make it possible and I need to do more on my part to make it happen. Thank you!

Deb S.

“God is good…”
God is good and Life is good and we are blessed because you are part of it.you deserve all good things because of all you give to everyone.

“Your teaching is truly inspirational…”
Your teaching is truly inspirational…‎‎ I was a complete Beginner, Grounded By Yoga made it so fun for me. The breath work alone has helped me in my everyday world. I am a new person! I won’t go anywhere else!!!

“… I am looking forward to the next beginner session.”
Enjoyed class last night as always and I am looking forward to the next beginner session. Just learning where I should be applying the pressure in studio that make what you do sooooooo special! Also, my back was so sore when I came to class last night (just from being back to work and sitting all week) and when I left, it felt great and I slept like a rock!!

“…inspirational, relaxing, and personalized yoga classes!”
with body stretches, relaxing atmosphere, and gentle instruction from Sandy was the perfect way to be introduced to the powerful and refreshing benefits of yoga. Each successive class has left me feeling more empowered to control my body and mind. The poses and controlled breathing are restorative for my sole. Sandy not only shares her knowledge in class but she graciously offers notes to help you continue the practice at home. I thoroughly enjoy going to my yoga classes and am looking forward to continued growth towards health and meditation. Thank you Sandy for your inspirational, relaxing, and personalized yoga classes! I’m hooked!

“Her classes refreshed and restored.”
and Sandy has been an excellent teacher. Her classes refreshed and restored. I only wish I could attend more!

Bloomfield is so lucky!!!
One of my favorite things about 2011 was the addition of yoga! thank you!

“It is great to have a place like this in the Finger Lakes.”
Sandy has a great way of welcome and comfortable ability level. It is great to have a place like this in the Finger Lakes. Thank you!

“What a gift!”
Sandy, Thank you for a wonderful yoga session yesterday! I felt great for the rest of the day. The I initially anxious about the afternoon after getting your note about 4-5 poses. I thought to myself ‘oh, 4-5 poses, how will I ever stand being still that long?’. But of course, the session was so well done and I don’t know where the time flew! What a gift!

“…very impressed with your yoga studio…”
to allow me to interview you. I was very impressed with your yoga studio and all you have to offer there.

“…makes me feel physically and emotionally better.”
the studio. It calms me and makes me feel physically and emotionally better. Off to google uijayi:)

“…balanced has increased.”
Everyone in the beginners class were treated us as individuals, meeting our personal best. I now have a stronger and range of motion and my posture is SO much better! My balanced has also increased immensely. What an experience!

“…absolutely beautiful!”
Your studio is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to walk in each time!!

“Thank You so much Sandy for a blissful meditation!”
Thank You so much Sandy for a blissful meditation! You are a compassionate and competent teacher, of Omega quality!

“…it’s changed my life.”
GBY Rocks it! Proud to be a member with Grounded by Yoga! I attend the Bloomfield studio and ever since I started almost a year ago, it’s changed my life. I’ve taken other yoga classes in the past, but this place compares to no other! Not only is the instructor, Sandy, sweet, caring and knowledgeable, she is so very approachable!

“The studio is amazing.”

Yoga workshop. The studio is amazing. It is so warm and cozy and very nicely decorated. It was just perfect and it felt like a place to practice yoga. The props are fantastic and the sandbags are amazing! Also, the floor is perfect. I feel so safe on it! The lighting you have is so wonderful too!

“Restorative was wonderful on Sunday!”

Just to let you know in case I forget to mention it before class, my back was really hurting me before that! Not any more! Restorative was wonderful on Sunday! Loved all the positions, very relaxing.

“Nadine’s class provided me with an introspective consciousness…”
Nadine’s class provided me with an introspective consciousness that I don’t think I would have been aware of without her guidance.
S. Baker

“Thank you for helping me discover mindful self-awareness…”
Thank you for helping me discover mindful self-awareness of my sense of gratitude that I seem to lose so easily in my default (stressful) autopilot mode.

“What phenomenal space you have…”
pleasure meeting you. What phenomenal space you have and terrific energy there (as I fully expected but it way exceeded my expectation.) What you have created is just magical and you are a real spirit – what you do and how is such a gift. I so applaud your efforts to be a leader and an integrator in the yoga and wellness community(ies).

“It has been such a nice addition to my life.”
and am SO PROUD of you. Yesterday after class when I left it was mobbed in that front room – no room on the coat rack! Thank you for GBY. It has been such a nice addition to my life.

“since starting Canandaigua Yoga classes, I am more flexible, stronger and walk with a straighter spine!
She knows our limitations. I am more flexible, stronger and walk with a straighter spine since starting your Canandaigua yoga classes! It is great how she modified poses for us so we were able to follow through on our own ability!~DG

“…the best Christmas gift ever!!!”
Last night, I received the best Christmas gift ever!!! A two hour private yoga session at Grounded By Yoga with my partner!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!

“I can’t tell you how much I love your classes.”
I can’t tell you how much I love your classes. I too have seen improvements with my flexibility, posture and breathing, and your classes have been a very calming/centering addition to my life. I’m just sorry I didn’t discover you earlier! You make it all very easy-thank you Sandy.

“I look forward to it every week!!”
Sandy maintains the purity of Yoga‎‎ Classes at Grounded By back condition, and the instructor there is very well educated in therapeutics of yoga. The studio is full of ambiance and classes are a full hour and 20 minutes. I look forward to it every week!!

“…much love surrounding me from many places…”
In my short time so far with relax… be positive… and have much love surrounding me from many places ……. wonderful thing for me.

“I have been to many studios & Grounded By Yoga is most comprehensive!”
I have been to many studios & Grounded By Yoga is most comprehensive! ‎‎ Through yoga, Sandy Hicks has taught me the importance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual balance in my life, while continually challenging and motivating me. But most importantly, she has taught me to live with compassion for myself IS Yoga….she is always training (and boy do we miss her when she’s gone!!) and it is her priority – it shines through her from head to toe.

“This process of growth is so exciting!”
Sandy, yesterdays class had a maturity I have never seen. I had never considered the (my)expectations from pose to did today brought back a nice memory, but boy how busy my mind gets when fatigued… This process of growth is so exciting!

“I wish I could do it every day – it felt so good!!”
I absolutely loved the Yoga class and can’t wait to come again. I didn’t come last week because I was away on Thursday though. I wish I could do it every day – it felt so good!! I would do either one – a gentle yoga class or just a prenatal class. Thanks!

“We loved our time at Grounded By Yoga”
are amazing!! We loved our time at Grounded By yoga & Wellness. What a supportive group!! Looking forward to a reunion.
Cassie, Jane & Anna

“Restorative was wonderful.”
flattering to have someone glow ask about mine. Restorative was wonderful. It helped me sort out my week end.It is soooooo good to have your beautiful studio in Bloomfield!!!.

“I felt very relaxed.”
Yoga was great! I couldn’t believe when I got home. I felt very relaxed. The Sivananda anxiety dead in its tracks. Slept like a nice little relaxed pebble (not a rock, a nice little rounded by water pebble!). Looking forward to next week! thanks!

“I felt just enough challenge and very engaged here!”
was either not challenged or bored. With Amita, I felt just enough challenge and very engaged here! It is very comforting to practice Yoga at my own level. As for my body, my hips and knees do not hurt like they use to ! Thank you!

“…the best service I could possibly receive.”
Grounded By Yoga in experience I encounter through her studio makes me love the process even more, and just walking into the building brings a calming feeling because I know that I will be given the best service I could possibly receive. Not only a great person too and I am proud to call her my friend. Thanks Sandy! Namaste!

“What a nice way to spend an afternoon.”
I could have stayed in legs up the wall forever! The second one with the soles (souls?) of the feet together was even better, very deep. I was totally meditated during that one, and when you worked on my feet it was like the carnival game where you sledgehammer and the weight goes up the scale and you try to ring the bell at the top, only you were sending pulses of energy up my spine into my head where they did a sort of mini-fireworks display. That was cool. What a nice way to spend an afternoon. Thanks, ~Joe

Your space is BREATHTAKING! I can’t wait to come each time! Your traditional teachings are so very needed in this area! I feel blessed!

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class”
quick note to say “thanks so much” for yesterday! Thoroughly enjoyed the class & look forward to starting each Tuesday morning that way.

“When I come to your class everything changes!”
and letting things go but when I come to your class everything changes! I acknowledge the thoughts and then push them aside and I truly let myself relax and be in and enjoy the moment! I am so happy that I came to try your studio – I so enjoy all of the classes I have taken!

“It is so tranquil”It was so peaceful!

Just wanted to say thanks again so much for having me to your beautiful studio. It was so peaceful! My family and friends loved the whole night.

“PERFECT class…”
for a PERFECT class Thursday night. Just that small adjustment using the wall made such a difference in my posture this morning. These are the things I have forgotten and somehow lost along the way. I feel GREAT today and am looking forward to next week!

“…sooo wonderful!”
All the classes at your studio are sooo wonderful! Thanks for all you do and your ever beautiful studio!

Our Yoga & Meditation Garden

Outdoor Yoga

Peace & Waterfall Garden in Bloomfield

Nature has so much to share with us…mostly, the innate and organic wisdom and vibration they hold. 

In the summer months, we hold yoga classes, meditation and events in our Peace and Waterfall Garden located out back of our Bloomfield location.

Spacious and private, this garden has many whimsical elements to make you smile!  Enjoy the harmonious sounds of the waterfall, beautiful deep chimes and the birds. 

Twice each summer, the space is sprayed with natural, organic product to keep the bugs away (not a bug killer). 

Let natural sounds be your music and the warm sun and breeze love you gently!

Mother Nature Yoga classes and events will be listed on our calendar and should weather be a factor, we come inside. 

"Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

React or Respond

Responding instead of reacting is a shift. It is how we change our lives. It is how we change the planet.

How much of your day is spent reacting?
How often do you find yourself bouncing around like a pinball, leaving you drained, distracted and dissatisfied?

We’ve been conditioned to react to our circumstances and our stories. A primary example is politics, which is entirely reactive, often devolving into “You’re stupid!” “No, you’re stupid!”, leaving no room for listening or change. Circumstances define us by our gender, age, job, geographical location, political affiliation and relationship status. But those are details, they are not who we are.
We are not our circumstances.

We are dynamic beings who are here to remember who we are, share our unique gifts with the world and to experience joy. We are all ambassadors, ushering ourselves and this planet into a new era of peace. We can infuse peace into our daily lives instantly by choosing to vision instead of react.
A vision invites us to step outside of our status quo, drop our expectations, and let something better come into existence through our choices and attention. In the space created by our visions, we can choose to respond instead of react. We are used to reacting to our day from the get go. The cycle of reaction begins when we get up and instantly react to what is outside of ourselves.

We can interrupt this habit through a change in sequencing.

Beginning our day with visioning, intention and prayer creates a fresh context for the day ahead. We can choose what we wish to experience. That might sound like “Thank you for this wonderful day. Thank you for all my interactions being filled with grace. I am grateful for the opportunities to use all of myself today in positive ways.” With a context for the day in place, when something happens, we can buffer our reactions with grace, love and humor.

In the core of our being — our soul — all of us reside in a reservoir of peace.
This peace becomes available when we choose to respond instead of react. When we do, we can witness the grace and power already present in our lives. We can see how much support is in place for us. We can garner more energy and insight from nature. By noticing a hummingbird, we can experience how connected we are to everything. All of this takes us outside of a sense of separation and isolation. We are all connected and included.

When we anticipate the day ahead by visioning it first, the things that would jar us into agitation can simply be observed. We can stop being surprised by our own lives and the people in it. We know who is who and what is what. If we are experiencing something we don’t like, what we would call a bad day, we have the power and the tools to change it.

Once in New York, I was working on my computer in a cafe, feeling overwhelmed. By not doing my usual morning visioning work and saying affirmations that day, I was in a funk. A young guy walks by and says “Hey, man, what are you working on?” Some spiritual writing, I replied. He immediately lit up and said “You know what are great?? AFFIRMATIONS!!!!” He never broke his stride and kept walking, but his clarity changed my day.

by Mark Mezadourian

Yoga Body Workshops

“Yoga Body Workshops”

Spotlighting various parts of the body for an effective learning experience and change in the body.

Returning Soon

Your guide will offer a variety of body specific classes, allowing you to dive deep and explore yourSelf.  Move through the body, bringing in strength and openness as we focus on specific areas.  These playful, yet rewarding classes will also include; centering, pranayama, alignment and body awareness, as well as a dash of philosophy, and just the right amount of relaxation, to leave you feeling calm yet rejuvenated. Drop in for $15 or use your discount pass.

“Shoulders & Heart Openers”  – July 19th 

Due to ouYoga Body Focus Classesr hectic, stress-driven lives, we tend to close up our hearts, both on a physical and emotional level.  In this class we will work with the strength and flexibility of our shoulders, and open up our hearts through various postures, using props, our  own bodies,  and wisdom with incentive.





“Hamstrings & Forward Folds”  – July 26th

Yoga for Hamstrings and Hips

Allow yourself to let go and surrender in this class.  We will create some sweet space in our spines and work with lengthening our tight hamstrings. Plenty of edges will be met, in which you’ll liste to the whispers of the body.







“Spinal Twists & Rotations”  – August 9th

Yoga for the Spine

Connecting breath and movement, we will spend this class coming in and out of postures, bringing in spinal twists to ease discomfort in the back, help improve digestion, and provide natural energy within our subtle and physical bodies.







“Laterals & The Side Body”  – August 16th, 2018

While focusing on the side body, we will lengthen and strengthen the muscles between the ribs and the pelvis, while opening our lungs to improve breathing capacity. Our side body gets a bit ignored throughout our life, lets befriend it.



Balance & The Breath”  – August 23, 2018

Bringing in breath and focus, we will work with balance in various postures to cultivate the stillness that sits within us. We’ll anchor with a mini breath circle and a very deep savasana.






“Thighs & Hip Openers”  August 30th

By openiYoga for Hips and Thighsng our hips and addressing the thighs – we allow ourselves to feel lighter and more open.  They can help us get in and out of other postures that we may be struggling with as well. A popular focus!




“Core & Lower Back”  – September 6th

By using Yoga for the Core Bellyour Bandhas, we are incorporating our core muscles throughout every Yoga class.  In this class, our primary focus will be on the Bandhas.  Our secondary focus will be using our breath of course, to hold specific core strengthening postures, then work with lengthening and opening the abdominal and lower back muscles.




“Deep Release” Yoga – September 13th

This class wiYang yin Yogall be a surprise combination of what we have worked with thus far!  Long, deep holds in seated and reclined postures. Very effective in promoting openness and flexibility and listening to the whispers of

Nobody Can Provoke You

Nobody Can Provoke You

“If you are in control of yourself, nobody can provoke you. Anybody can retaliate, but it takes tremendous courage to smile at someone who has hurt you. Remember that every thought that would affect your heart negatively will affect your health too. Sadness, worry, fear, jealousy, anger, hatred: before these affect another person, they have affected you.

“God bless you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.” —Sri Swami Satchidananda

Tai Chi: For Beginners, Arthritis & Balance

Tai Chi for Arthritis


Grounded by Yoga is excited to welcome Tai Chi back to the Bloomfield Studio. This particular program will focus on individuals experiencing arthritis and wanting to improve balance.  Although especially effective for arthritis & balance, it is a great start for beginners or Tai Chi curious students.

Choose from one of the following Series (Note: If sold out – you may email us to get on a waiting list)

8 Week Series Begins Friday January 4th 4-5pm

8 Week Series Begins Saturday January 19th 10-11am

Your teacher will introduce the background, warm-ups plus 6 specific forms for you to learn.

Health facilities worldwide have implanted this program. A super modality to assist in balance and over all wellness. Why is it great for arthritis?The slow, fluid movements draw the synovial fluid build away from the inflamed joints.  You should experience a noticeable difference at the end (and before) of this 8 week session.

This is an all-standing program (no floor work). Student may also sit in a chair to do Tai Chi. Clean indoor shoes only. Dress for comfort.

Program is 60 minutes and guided by certified instructor through Paul Lam’s program and great friend of GBY, Sandy Helfand and is approved by the Arthritis Foundation


In 1974 Dr Paul Lam, a family physician from Sydney Australia, took up tai chi to control his arthritis. Tai chi helped him overcome his condition, it also improved every aspect of his life. Dr Lam has created a series of Tai Chi for Health programs and produced instructional materials to make tai chi easy and enjoyable to learn. Through his privately owned company, Tai Chi Productions, his team have produced many best-selling titles worldwide.

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Council on Ageing recommended Dr Lams program. Many governmental departments around the world endorse them. One of the most sought after teachers, Dr Lam must be the first in history to have traveled over a million miles teaching tai chi.

There are over eight million people around the world who have enjoyed and benefited from Dr Lams Tai Chi for Health programs.




From friday, january 4, 2019 4:00PM to friday, february 22, 2019 5:00PM


I am a retired Biology teacher who lives on 3 peaceful acres in Bloomfield , a Wonderful spot for my gardens and pets and me

Since retiring, I have become passionate about aging well and living a healthy lifestyle.

Two years ago I started to share some of that  by volunteering as a  coach for a  balance class to seniors through office of the aging. Which I still do.

That lead to them having me trained to  teach Tai Chi for arthritis, which  is becoming a new passion.

It is SO rewarding to share this wonderful art form with others and I hope you will both benefit from and enjoy it as much as I do teaching and practicing it.