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Grounded by Yoga Teacher Training


“Into the Broken Heart -the Open Heart”

An awakening will happen and it is no longer a secret deserved only for Mystics. Awakening is necessary if we are to survive and thrive in such a crazy world. Rise above the “me” and the “mine” and above the erroneous identification with the ego. We can recognize the eternal truth of an inner dimension […]

8 Reasons to Meditate


Take a moment…and take a look at your life. What would you change about it? Chances are that your answer(s) would connect to one or more of the eight areas we will explore in this article. And if your life is so busy that you can’t even think of an answer to this important question, […]

How can Yoga “last” in the USA?

Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation

Before Georg Feuerstein (yoga historian/scholar) died in 2012, he made a comment that “Yoga is a mess”. There is Beer Yoga (?????), Goat Yoga (animals are not to be exploited – step one to yoga), Yoga for this and that (all yoga is for healing) – it has become diluted and , in some instances, […]

The Science of Meditation: Unraveling Its Secrets

Meditation for all

Let’s Not Think Meditation is a topic that has been gaining popularity over the years. Although it has been around for 5000 years, more and more people are starting to explore its benefits. It is no longer considered just a spiritual practice but has become an important tool for self-growth and self-improvement. In this blog, […]

Transformative Power of In-Person Yoga

Yoga assist

Research studies have shown that attending in-person yoga classes offers a unique and beneficial approach to improving one’s yoga practice. The personalized attention and hands-on assists provided by Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga instructors can greatly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your practice.

Travel Yogi Jasmine!

Oh my lovely Jasmine…..How enriched I am from knowing this wonderful being of light. She embarked on our 200RYT Teacher Training with me and what a star! Jasmine was seeking lineage teachings (which is 100% what we do here). And there couldn’t be a better student. She was ready for the deep dive lineage trainings […]