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Mantra vs Affirmation

end of life lessons

Actual Question: “…and then lately at a facility I go to for Meditation, they give us phrases or sentences for what they called “mantras”. My knowledge has led me to believe this is wrongful use of the term and practice. I notice in your meditation last week you used the word “affirmation”, and that makes sense […]

End of Life 5 Lessons

end of life 5 lessons

5 Brief Lessons: End of Life Don’t wait Truly welcome everything – even that what you resist Bring your whole self into the experience (de-fragment) Find peace in rest (remove busy – see whats there) Cultivate the don’t ‘know mind’

Pranayama Before Meditation


In yogic meditations, one would traditionally perform two types of pranayama (one being a kriya) prior to settling into their meditation practice. Below is one of them. Perform for a minimum of 15-25 minutes. Nadi Shodhana …. …… one of the most commonly practiced pranayama techniques in yoga. The word “nadi” means “nerve channels”. In […]

Raising Peace

raising peace

We are happy to announcing Raising Peace program is returning! Read our blog post  from last year……… Since 7am this morning we welcomed 14 ‘homeless’, 21 ‘substance abusers’ 2 ‘runaways’ and 17 ‘normal people’ sad, lost or alone during the holidays. In warmth, song, dance, food, hugs, laughter, and conversation we came together. Compassion for […]