Vegan Friendly Restaurants – Rochester Area

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The Natural Oasis, 288 Monroe Ave., Rochester (325-1831)

All-vegan restaurant. Offers an Ethiopian buffet for lunch,
and gourmet (but very reasonably priced) tasting menu at
dinner. Also has juice bar; books and supplements for sale.

The Red Fern, 283 Oxford St. (at Park) (563-7633)

Healthy all-vegan café with gluten-free options. Menu includes
Avocado BLT, Seitan Steak Bomb and “Compost Plate.”
Serves beer and wine. Wholesale cakes and catering.

The Owl House, 75 Marshall St., Rochester (360-2920)

Offers vegan variations on almost every one of their dishes.
Most or all desserts are vegan. Great drinks menu!

Voula’s Greek Sweets, 439 Monroe Ave., Rochester  (242-0935)

Vegan options; savory food as well as sweets.

Dogtown, 691 Monroe Ave. (271-6620)

offers a vegan option on all of its hot dog specials, and many of the sides are vegan.

Greenhouse Café, 2271 E. Main St. (286-9040)

has vegan options.

Jines, 658 Park Ave., Rochester (461-1280).

Diner setting. Often has vegan lasagna.

Mooseberry Café, 2555 Baird Rd., Suite E, Penfield (348-9022),

caters to specialty diets and has lots of vegan items on the menu. Chef makes her own vegan bread and desserts and does some catering.

Orange Glory Café and Catering, 240 East Ave., Rochester (232-7340)

has vegan options.

Get Caked! 274 N. Goodman (Village Gate) (319-4314)

Vegan cupcakes! Just ask for any of their great goodies to be vegan made and they will! Everything is delicious here.

Upscale restaurants: Lento, 274 N. Goodman (Village Gate) (271-3470)

Lentil-Quinoa Burger; call ahead for other vegan options.

Restaurant 2 Vine, 24 Winthrop St. (454-6020)

Vegan menu options.

Warfield’s, 7 W. Main St., Clifton Springs (315-462-7184)

Give chef advance notice to prepare a gourmet vegan menu.

207 High Point Dr., Victor (425-2589)

Give chef advance notice to prepare a gourmet vegan menu.
ETHNIC RESTAURANTS usually have vegan options, but be sure to specify that you want a vegan meal. In parentheses, we list animal products that are sometimes used in dishes from that ethnicity, to be sure to ask about and specify that you want the chef to avoid. Restaurants listed are favorites;there are many other ethnic restaurants in the Rochester area.
CHINESE (watch out for eggs in noodles, fried noodles, fried rice, lo mein, and moo shu)
Golden Dynasty, 1900 So. Clinton Ave., Tops Brighton Plaza (442-6340)

extensive vegetarian menu

Golden Phoenix, 7323 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd., Perinton (223-4539)

extensive vegetarian menu including vegan sesame chicken, also Thai and Vietnamese dishes

Shanghai, 2920 W. Henrietta Rd. (424-4000)

Asian Moon Café, 3193 Chili Ave. (571-9013)
ETHIOPIAN (if it doesn’t have meat in it, should be vegan– i.e., they don’t seem to use dairy or egg in cooking)
Abyssinia, 1657 Mt. Hope Ave., Mt. Hope Plaza (262-3910);
Zemeta, 1015 S. Clinton Ave. (350-9797)
INDIAN (watch out for butter, ghee [clarified butter], yogurt,and cheese

India House, 998 So. Clinton Ave. (461-0880) and 7343 Rte. 96, Victor (742-2030);

Haveli, 1635 E. Henrietta Rd., Henrietta (427-0430);

Amaya, 1900 So. Clinton Ave., Tops Brighton Plaza (241-3223)
(Indian fusion cuisine);

Tandoor, 376 Jefferson Rd., across from Southtown Plaza (427-7080);

Thali, 3259 S. Winton Rd., inWin-Jeff Plaza (427-8030)
ITALIAN (watch out for pasta made with eggs, cheese in most dishes, chicken broth in otherwise veg items like beans and greens)
MEXICAN (watch out for sour cream, cheese, chicken broth in rice dishes, and lard in refried beans)
John’s Tex-Mex, 489 South Ave., Rochester (232-5830) clearly announces that it is “vegan friendly” on the menu; can
substitute tofu or spicy ground “unbeef” for any taco or burrito filling;

Sol Burrito, 521 Monroe Ave. (271-6470) will
substitute tofu in its taco salad;

Rio Tomatlan, 5 Beeman St.,
Canandaigua (394-9380) has vegan and gluten-free options
MIDDLE EASTERN (watch for yogurt and feta cheese)

Aladdin’s 646 Monroe Ave. (442-5000);

8 Schoen Place, Pittsford (264-9000)
THAI and VIETNAMESE (watch out for fish sauce, and for eggs in noodles and stir-fries)
King and I, 1455 E. Henrietta Rd. (427-8090);

Pattaya, 1843 Rte. 441 (Penfield Rd.), Penfield (383-6088);

Puket, 2014 Empire Blvd., Webster (383-6088);

Sak’s, 7374Pittsford-Palmyra Rd., Fairport (421-9010)
Balsam Bagel, 288 N. Winton Rd. (482-5080) has homemade vegan cream cheese and other vegan options.
Bill Gray’s, Gitsis, Marshall St. Bar & Grill, Tom Wahl’s and Zebb’s have vegan veggie burgers; specify vegan, as
they may have to leave off the cheese. Vegan offerings can be found at Half Moon, 2900 Monroe Ave., Fruit and Salad, 680 Pittsford-Victor Rd. (Bushnell’s Basin), Basin Bean, 616 Pittsford-Victor Rd. (Bushnell’s Basin), Panera, 1902 Monroe Ave, 12 Corners Brighton and other locations, and Cheeburger Cheeburger, 1000 N. River St. (near Charlotte Beach). The café at Chabad on Winton Rd. across from Brighton High School and Geulah’s Café at the Jewish Community Center often have vegan soups and other vegan dishes.

DON’T FORGET vegan options at fast food franchises, like
Chipotle, Subway (Veggie Delite without the cheese),
and Taco Bell
(Bean Burrito Fresco-Style/without the cheese; Black Bean
Burrito without the cheese sauce; Cantina Bell Veggie Bowl
without the dressing). Note: Burger King (BKVeggie has mayo and Egg whites)


stores and supermarkets with a deli case that have plentiful vegan offerings:

Abundance, 62 Marshall St.,

Lori’s, 900 Jefferson Rd. in Henrietta
Wegmans (vegan offerings in the veggie bar [Herbed or
Southwest Tofu], Mediterranean bar and ethnic food bars).

ALSO Veggie sliders at Lettuce B. Frank food truck
NEW! Lady Bear and Baby Bear: all-vegan cooking and baking, found on tumblr; contact and
GREAT all-vegan café in Syracuse: Strong Hearts Café, 719 E. Genesee St. (near Syracuse Stage) (315-478-0000)

The Above is provided by the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society (585) 234-8750 Updated October 2013.

(Please feel free to submit to us any others that would fit the glove of this list. Especially in the outlaying areas of Rochester)