Therapeutic Yoga

My healing and adaptive students may never find their selves in a headstand, full wheel or even mountain. Instead, they will learn something more valuable, accepting where there are, the power of breath, inner peace and the beauty of gentle movement. Practicing hatha yoga is both a physical endeavor and a personal journey for any student. Beginning yoga requires personal commitment as well as support and guidance. If you live with a disability, it is especially important to believe yoga is not only possible for you, but that you can experience its wonder and benefits just like anyone else


Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Specializing in Drug & Alcohol Addictions

 Realize, Recover, Be Free – Addiction Recovery

The “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” yoga’s source text, is a detailed guidebook, a how-to manual for the focusing of awareness on a chosen object or in a chosen direction of attention inward should be correctly adapted for each individual and practiced with consistency, conviction and enthusiasm over the course of many years. Through regular practice, the curse of codependency and the spell of addiction can be broken. Whether it is through long-term sobriety (or kaivalya), freedom (or paramananda), or perpetual and long-enduring joy, we can ultimately break the cycle of codependency and addiction. This inner evolution offers the sweet taste of true self-awareness to recovering addicts.

Sandy has been received training  with Swami Sitaramananda and Durga for Recovery Yoga. Her own journey provides great insight and combines this with her structural trainings. This program’s format begins as a closed group session for 15 weeks. We add new groups on a “as needed basis”. Some scholarships available. Connect with Sandy direct at regarding how to form a  group. Part of the session is through an online program (free).


Grounded By Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga | Sitting Yoga|Healing Yoga

Reservations required. Chairs limited. These classes are appropriate for those with MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, and those students who use walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. For those who are able, some standing (with support) and floor those remaining in the chair. Sandy Hicks, has received over 450 hours of Therapeutic-Specific training and over 1500 hours of class teaching in Therapeutic and Adaptive Yoga. Classes are offered in Canandaigua, East Bloomfield and Honeoye Falls or your home or office. Practicing yoga is both a physical endeavor and a personal journey for any student. Beginning yoga requires personal commitment as well as support and guidance. If you live with a disability, it is especially important to believe yoga is not only possible for you, but that you can experience its wonder and benefits just like anyone else.

4 Classes $75.

Canandaigua:  If interested let us know!

Bloomfield: Full (you may email me for waiting list)

Read more on Chair Yoga Here



Cancer Survivors Yoga ProgramYoga for Cancer Survivors

Many cancer patients must go through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy, however, has negative side effects during and after treatment. We offer free, unlimited yoga for anyone receiving treatment for cancer. Participate in as many classes as you would like with Sandy for 3 months at any donation you like. Private sessions may be offered at a reduced rate.

Scientific studies conducted over the past 35 years have shown that yoga, alone or as an adjunct to traditional therapies, can boost the immune system, decrease chronic stress and increase energy. Study participants reported feeling better. For aspiring Yoga teachers – see our upcoming Yoga for Cancer Thrivers program.

If you or someone you know is receiving treatment for cancer and would like to add a yoga practice free of charge, please contact Sandy. Local article: YogaforCancerPatients



Yoga for Visually Impaired

Offered at our Studios or Offsite

Insight Yoga for the Visually Impaired

Providing a safe environment and discover  what the body can do. Your specially trained instructor, Sandy Hicks, will provide guidance throughout your class.

Students will discover an inner and external  trust in their movements. These well rounded sessions also incorporate breath work and various relaxation techniques. Please call (585) 861-yoga or use our contact form for further information.

Due to allergies of other students, at this time, we are unable to offer with your seeing-eyed companion.




Yoga Specifically Designed for the Larger Body Student

Curvy Body Yoga

Size Can Matter in Yoga. Most of the components of Yoga can of course be practiced uniformly by students regardless of size and age. However many of the asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work) need to be modified. It is important to find a qualified teacher. If you have departed from a yoga class and experienced nausea, vertigo, heart palpitations, or exhaustion, seek a teacher with proper training – as this should not occur.

Just a few of the physical concerns are as follows:

• Joints are more stressed in overweight students and weight bearing postures should be altered accordingly.
• The approach to the squeeze and soak (BKS Iyengar) of the organs
• Twists, Forward Folds, Laterals, Standing Postures /Strength postures and Inversions are performed but in a unique way.
Unfortunately, round bodied students attend classes that are not instructed properly and their chance of a regular practice becomes non-existent. They don’t keep a regular practice because they weren’t comfortable, they felt pain, became nauseous or perhaps they felt the postures were cumbersome for their body. With regular weekly practices, our brains’s impressions begin to transform, and in turn we make better decisions and choices; hence weight loss of that is a goal.
With the emergence of the internet, it’s sad to say some teachers use this as a source in their quest to learn to teach different demographics. This is a form of “spiritual bypass”. Any teacher, in my opinion, that prefers to be a student of a computer over a student of a trained mentor, guru or institute, should not teach. The best information comes from human energy not a computer. Due your due diligence in choosing a facility to practice yoga: read bios, set up a consult, ask questions, request referrals to speak to.
At present, Thursday evenings at 8pm is our class time for folks who feel they will benefit from a specially sequenced class with specific pranayama exercises and a overtone of mindfulness philosophy.
Sandy Hicks is a trained specialist though IAYT with additional 140 specific hours in Yoga for the Larger Body. Next session/series will begin January 2016. 8 consecutive classes for $80. Email her direct email at and she can advise if there is space. This class is limited to 12 to better assist each and everyone exactly where they are.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy