Class Descriptions

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Sweet Surrender

Surrender into long sweetly held stretches. This class can be as challenging as you make it –  yet available to all.

Great for flexibility! It’s YOUR edge to play with! Student chooses how deep and how sweet you want to surrender. 3rd Wednesday at 9:30am in Bloomfield

Open to All


A Grounded By Yoga Signature class! Soft purposeful postures to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Students stay close to the mat, often supporting the body with props to release  and restore energy without using excessive effort.

Open to All

Yoga Gentle

A Gentle approach to hatha yoga and structured for the expecting Mom as well! Connect, nurture, open the body and learn tools to relax. We’ll do some standing stretches as well as seated stretches anchored with a final relaxation.

Open to All

Hot Yoga Melt!

HOT YOGA 88 degrees: An energetic practice that blends sweat, strength and synchronized breath.  Your teacher will present a flowing vinyasa movement  with a variety of postures  to cultivate  strength and endurance.


Toasty Yoga

For those wanting to tap into the heat but not completely MELT! The room heats up slowly as the class progresses. Arrive and be open to the heat, thaw the mind and body so we can sit into our soul center. Wonderful for creating flexibility.


Yoga 1 and 2

A well-rounded physical practice. Level 1 students can explore level 2 postures if desired. Posture binds and full balancing inversions are introduced.  Longer holds encourage stronger muscle mass, flexibility and sold focus.


Relax & Refresh!

Gentler than our other gentle yoga classes. We will actively stretch with the use of props and guided breath work. (This is not a Restorative Yoga class). Also: Every Third Wednesday at 9:30am in Bloomfield.

Open to All

Level 1

A physical step above Yoga Gentle. This class introduces strength postures and deeper movement for flexibility, body toning and focus. Additional breath work offered to enhance your end of class relaxation.

Open to All


2/3 of the time will be geared toward awakening the energy within us through a series of postures, and instructing breath work to better focus the body-mind in postures as well as meditation

Open to All

Yin Yoga

A deeper experience in postures as a healing modality Targets the connective tissue, joints, organs & meridians through long held postures blended with breath awareness. Students remain close to the floor. Yin Yoga Certified Teacher.

Open to All

Deep Release

 If you need to release lower back tension, tight hips, pelvis and shoulders, and explore static yoga postures, deep release is for you! 

All poses are sitting or lying down.

Open to All

Intro To Yoga

You will be in a classroom filled with support and other students that are beginner’s too!  We are practicing to wake up to our own beauty and capacities and also to the beauty around us. Email to get on notify list. L

New Students