Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Training Instructor: Sandy Hicks, RYS, ERYT, RCYT, RPYT, Restorative Yoga Certified 100 Hours

Both Restorative Yoga Trainings are offered as a semi-private, private, or in our public enrollment. For Private/Semi-PLotus black and greyrivate, mutually agreed upon dates and times is established once an application is received.(Note: Semi Private and Private sessions create an elevated tuition.)

These programs are open to all, not just yoga practitioners. Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings may be used to explore in your own field; perhaps offer to your staff at work, or to your friends and loved ones or simply a wonderful tool for yourself and family.

Students will receive a certificate  ($25) upon completion of the program after submission of assignments.

This certificate can be used towards continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance for Yoga Teachers. An immersion by its very nature is designed to be intensive, and all assignments are required prior to delivery of completion certificate. Most students complete the assignments (3 hours worth) within a week after the session completes.

Participants will gain practical experience, expertise and technical skills enabling them to support themselves and a wide range of students, including prenatal.

Our 20 Hour Program “Healing Through Stillness”

This session includes:

  • Teaching practicum
  • Feedback
  • Processing
  • Testing (Written and Practicum)

As well as:

  • Learning what Restorative Yoga is
  • Learning what Restorative Yoga is Not
  • Utilizing a wide Range of Props
  • Creating Proper Sequencing
  • Contraindications and Special Concerns
  • Appropriate therapeutic and Grounding Touch
  • Creating a Sacred Space
  • Proper Positioning in Each Pose
  • Appropriate Breathing Practices
  • Meditations (if non yoga teacher we add the elements of meditation in)

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to create, guide and practice a customized Restorative Yoga practice for themselves and others. (At every announcement of this offering, the training fills very quickly. We do offer waiting lists if needed).


Tuition $500  (with Certificate $525) Application fee $45

NEXT TRAINING:  Friday Oct 28 (3:00pm-8:30pm) and  Saturday October 29th  (9:oo -5:30pm)  East Bloomfield  




All sessions must be attended plus 6 Flex Time hours


Our 40 Hour Program – “Awakening through Stillness”

Includes the above Healing through Stillness program as well as:

Restorative Yoga and Chakra TraininigLearning how to combine a series of purposeful and supported postures, breathing techniques and guided meditations. This particular process is designed to deeply restore and balance to the nervous system and profoundly relax the physical, mental, and emotional bodies so that through the multi-dimensional self and the proper use of Restorative Yoga asana, one can awaken the energy of the chakras.

(This will also be offered to our 20 hour graduates as a 20 hour CEU program as needed).


Tuition $800  (with Certificate $825)

 Next Public Restorative Yoga Offering:(TBA)

May You Have A Beautiful Life....

May You Have A Beautiful Life….

All Grounded By Yoga Teacher Trainings Provide You with the Following Benefits:

  • Use of our facility to create your own offering at a reduced favorable rate
  • Discounts on all Yoga props
  • Discounts to future trainings (good for 24 months from first training start date)