Teacher_Retreats_Holistic_Slider_RESIZEDYoga Teacher Training…..ahh…..a true turning point in my life. Was I going to teach? No I was not, I went for knowledge. More training, deeper knowledge, over $64,000 on institutes and certifications and registrations.Regrets? None.

Then one training …..with a wise woman named Lara, as we were in our introduction circle asked me (and everyone) to share why we were there. I said …”I just love the experience and the endless knowledge”…She then looked briefly at me and turned away and said “You’ll end up teaching”

Did I? I did……I didn’t know it til the last day of this year long training. I taught restorative yoga (TRUE restorative yoga….not the restorative you sese that’s widespread now). Nervous, apprehensive, disliking my mentor for “making me to do this”…..I suddenly shifted. At the end of the class – most the class was in tears. Many wanted me to move to their state and teach there. They were moved, I was moved and I knew then I could, should and would teach. Years later, and lots of work later, I became an RYS (Registered Yoga School) so that I can help students on their path know what its like to share the goodness that resides in the deepest knowledge of yoga, authentic yoga.

My teacher training programs offer truth, depth, creativity, variety, friendship, love, compassion, sharing, lauging, crying, nervousness, exhuberance, postive shifting, growth, awakening and a lifelong of rewards.

My personal training is quite long. It began in 1973 with the great Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Most my influence comes from him and Sri Dharma Mittra. Some day I plan to put together as much as I can remember. Why I dread this task is the fear of missing even one person. A flood in my home in 1995 left me with only a few belongs made of paper….many personal memories and journals and books drifted away that day. But what didn’t leave me, and never will, is all the inner knowledge I have received. Some sits in back of the mind patiently until its needed, and some manifest in other ways.

If you would like to know more about yourself, this life and how yoga to and through it, this program just might be for you.

For more info see our teacher training pages.

May the you have a beautiful life always



Posted on: February 11th, 2014