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First Yoga Class (1)

What should I know on my First Yoga Class visit?

First Visit

Please arrive 15 minutes early.  As you enter the check in area, you will see a clip board with in intake form for those new to us. Your instructor will review and discuss any special needs or concerns you may have.


Before Class

Clothes: Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that is not too loose. It should allow a full range of movement including twisting and bending. Our studios are equipped with changing rooms. Need to change from your work clothes? No problem!

Bring: Your yoga mat and an open mind!  We have $2 mat rentals to use and all other yoga props for your convenience. If you rent a mat, simply leave unrolled by the exit door of the main studio space.

Leave behind: Your backpack of worries! You are in a safe and warm space. Also, strong perfume, jewelry, and eating for at least 90 minutes before class if you can. Caffiene is best avoided for 2 hours or more.


Once You Arrive

Footwear: Yoga is practiced in bare feet for traction and safety. Shoes are not allowed on the practice floor. We can discuss alternative options if you have any concerns being barefooted. No worries.

Electronic devices: Please turn off your cell phone or leave in your vehicle. Once you enter the building, no phones or electronics are allowed in operating mode. SHould you have an emergency phone call you are in need of receiving, let us know! We can create exceptions of course.

Arriving late? Need to leave early?: We understand busy schedules, wintery roads and other things that may get in your way. Simply walk in quietly and unroll your mat SOFTLY…..your instructor will get any needed props for you….nestle in and join in! If you need to depart from class early, let your instructor know and he/she will watch the time for you and quietly let you know when you need to go.


During Class

Child’s pose: Take child’s pose, down dog, relaxation pose or any pose if you need a rest. You can take this pose at any time, even if the teacher does not cue it.


After Class

Clean: If you rented a mat from the studio, simply lay it open by the studio exit (where the mat rac is).  If you used props, neatly return them.

Take your belongings: Leave peacefully, this is the time where the class can manifest the deepest and honor those around you. Don’t forget your mat, water bottle, and clothes! Many classes run back to back…if you have a quick question for the instructor, we love questions. I fyou would liek to schedule a mini private or consultation, we provide that as well.


What Type of Class Should I Take?

The first place to start is class descriptions. Read these to find classes that appeal to you.  Then look at class schedules to see when the classes are available.  Each class has a link to the teacher. You can read the teacher’s bio to understand their training and style.

If you need advice or have questions, please feel free to contact us and we can help to point you in the right direction.


On the Mat

Yoga practice typically involves a series of physical postures that are coordinated with full breathing and a mental focus on the present moment.  It is a lifelong practice of progressive change and there’s no need to do it all on the first try. There are many modifications available for the physical poses to make them more or less challenging depending on your needs.

Remember it is not a competition with others or yourself. Challenge yourself but don’t push too hard – yoga should never be painful. If your breath is affected, it’s a warning to back off a little and reduce the intensity of the pose.


Memberships (2)

Can I extend my Yoga Class package?

In general, any discount package or workshop is not extendable or refundable unless advised by your physician.

Can I combine discounts?

We hope you understand that we can not honor combined discounts. We do are very best to give the best prices we can. Once you become part of our family, you can earn Loyalty Rewards to help with your tuition.

Prenatal Yoga Classes (1)

Do you offer Prenatal friendly Yoga classes?

Sandy Hicks is certified in Prenatal Yoga (RPYT). Just let her know when you arrive what trimester you are in and your yoga experience.

If you do not have any experience, you would attend her Gentle Yoga Classes, Stressmelt Classes or Gentle Body/Gentle mind.

She also forms special prenatal classes for private prenatal groups. Spread the word and form a class at a time that suits you! Minimum 4 students for her  Prenatal Yoga Classes.

Many students do a Private Session or Semi Private Session




Private Yoga and Meditation Sessions (1)

I would like to schedule a Private Yoga Session, can I choose any of your teachers?

All available teachers have provided their schedule of availability. You will see this when you choose your session.

Quick Yoga Studio Facts (1)

Fun Facts!

Fun Facts!

  • You may just drop in – no appointment needed.
  • Passes are good for all locations (Canandaigua, E. Bloomfield, Sonnenberg Gardens, Mother Nature Yoga Program and our Free Yoga at the Lake)
  • We have mat rentals at $2 or for sale from $25 on up. Please dont purchase a mat other than a professional Yoga studio or locally you can go to Dick’s. Grocery stores and other places have very slippery mats. You will need “sticky mats”.  However, as your practice deepens, this isn’t necessary.
  • Adult Classes are for 14 and over!
  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early if purchasing a new pass or renewing is greatly appreciated!
  • If you are running late – thats OK! Just quietly open the door and get settled in We appreciate your loyalty and all that you are!

What are Levels? How do I know if I am a beginners student or advanced or somewhere in between?

We receive this question a lot. Let us first briefly explore what Yoga is. Yoga is the union of Self to Spirit (or the Divine). It’s a transcending process that occurs when one can comfortable be still the mindfield and deeply sense their own energy and true nature. From there….much magic may occur.

The focus of postures in a yoga class is to learn what one position we can best find that stillness in the mindfield. Therefore a more active class is a beginner Yogi, the stiller and less postures in a class would describe a more advanced class.

(Once that stillness is achieved, we reach into higher practices known as Samyama. Our Samyama classes are limited and  fill quickly and are not open to the “general public”.  Through  invite or inquiry,  and  meet once per week for 2 hours. Often the group has “side classes” which I freely offer the space for when available.  We expect to add more classes as you all evolve your practice and as needed.)
OK, now…what are LEVELS? Often seen on our calendar are Level 1 or Level 2 etc. This is only indicative of the posture level. Some students require and desire deep exploration into their physical bodies. Below is a summary of how the levels can be explained (this is not an exact science)


Beginners will attend a series of consecutive classes with the same instructor. A comprehensive program discussing the Yamas, Niyamas (philosophy), Asana (postures), Pratayahara (lessening the senses) and Pranayama (conscious breathing). Physical aspects of the class are focused on the use of the Bandhas (locks) in the body as well as proper spinal alignment. This will create a foundation for the student to then decide to advance deeper into the process of yoga by taking Gentle Class, Meditation Classes or Kundalini Yoga or staying more external and physical focused by attending Levels 1-4 and Mixed Level classes. Lets us explain further:
Gentle Yoga
No strength work, soft opening and discovery of the body. No or little standing poses. Exploration of alternate pranayamas along with bandha work. Use of Dharana (focus), Dhyana (Meditation) techniques are highlighted. All factors of Beginners series are implemented as well.
Level 1
Strength work is introduced, along with standing postures. Longer holds.
Levels 2-4
Adding to Level 1 are even longer holds in the posture and the introduction of binds, full inversions, intricate balance postures and perhaps a heated room (this will be posted if the room is hot). These levels are often called Mixed Level classes so that each student can explore their physical nature at their own pace.

Advanced Yoga Practices are for the serious student who views Yoga as it is truly meant to be, spiritual and transcending.
Yoga Teacher Training is offered to those that have successfully completed Samyama and has experienced transcendence at least once. You are then ready to share. Without such wisdom of the mind, I would suggest first entering our AYP classes first.

We hope this helps. You may contact us if you desire any clarification. We love to answer your questions.


Wellness Spa (1)

What other Private Sessions do you offer in your Wellness Spa?

Soooo many! Visit the downstairs spa direct at Lotus Grove Healing Arts Center

Here’s a good sampling!

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing® connects us to our true and original essence, and has the ability to heal on all levels: mental, emotional, physical

and spiritual. Reconnective Healing® removes our blocks to wholeness and restores us to a place of harmony and balance

and serves to restore a state of natural health and wellbeing, and has been shown to alleviate pain, insomnia, depression, exhaustion and

more serious maladies.

As a trained Reconnective Healing® Practitioner I carry and accommodate this all-inclusive spectrum of energy, light and information and

work with these highly palpable energies. You as a client will respond to them, physically – and visibly – immediately, as I guide you into

healing realms beyond those previously accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Healing Touch

Restores harmony & balance in the energy system for self-healing. I will choose the most appropriate methods for you depending on your

needs, your current health status, and an energetic assessment


Decrease anxiety, tension & stress

Facilitate wound healing

Clearing the effects & accumulation of Radiation & Chemo from the energy body

Pain Reduction

Enhances recovery from surgery

Strengthens the immune system

Supports the dying process

Energy Medicine

Relieve arthritic Pain.

Release tension and built-up stress.

Work with the bodies energies.

Energy test your foods and supplements.

Nip an illness in the bud.

Do a daily five-minute energy routine for continued wellness.


Done with all treatments upon request. N/C

Using superior quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.


An ancient method of natural healing, promoting stress reduction and relaxation. Healing energy is channeled from the practitioner’s

hands into the client relieving tension and stress, creating calmness and peacefulness. Reiki heals on a mental, physical, emotional and

spiritual level. It can also relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It can prepare the body as well as the mind

for surgery or other medical procedures.

Integrated Energy Therapy:

Integrated Energy Therapy simply and gently opens the flow of vital life force that may be blocked within the human body and the human

energy field. Some causes of energy blockages are: physical trauma, surgery, disease, stress and suppressed feelings, just to mention a

few. IET is used to energize, trigger and release imprints (emotional, mental, and physical) that can limit us from reaching our full potential

and replace them with positive emotions and attributes. Integrated Energy Therapy works with the energy of the angels to bring health,

creativity, prosperity, joy and fulfillment to one’s life.


imbalances and blockages cause illness and pain. In cases of injuries, it is easy to observe injured or black and blue areas, as well as local

tenderness or pain. However in many cases these blockages are not so obvious, creating imbalances and or pain in the body occurring on

both a physical or emotional level. The needles stimulate the acu-points to generate a response from the body, activating the Qi and blood

circulation, balancing the subtle energy fields, as well as releasing one’s endorphins, which are our own natural pain relievers for our body.

Add a 30 minute Tui Na-Acupressure massage to your visit!

TuiNa Massage

is a Chinese style massage therapy. The therapist applies Qi energy  during a TuiNa session to help improve the energy flow along the

fourteen meridian channels. The enhanced energy level promotes better healing mechanism, and therefore the body heals naturally.


Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as

stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains – even anxiety and depression. In addition to everyday chronic and acute aches and pains,

popular ailments benefited by massage are: TMJ, Migraines,  Depression/Stress and other emotional needs,  Pms,  Whiplash

Grounding Touch:

Client remains clothed and while lying on a futon cushion will receive soft, gentle touch throughout their energy lines.  Weaker points will

intersect with longer touch and light pressure. This can be a profound experience especially after a yoga session.

Practitioner may also incorporate Pranassage along with the Grounding Touch session. Pranassage  movements are  very gentle, passive

yoga movements deigned to access and open the body. Some rhythmic movements are often included. No 2 sessions are ever the same.

Both techniques originated in Costa Rica and are a joy to share here at Lotus Grove.

Chakra Clearing:

UtILIzing chakra intended music, special chakra organic essential oils and affirmations, your guide will assist you in removing blockages in

your main chakra centers. A pre-consult will assist in the deepest experience.


Give it more than  a chance, it will change your life. Guided Meditation can include Pancha Kosha, Imagery, Pranic, or any thing you are

having struggles with such as  finding your own light, overcoming a particular fear, separating from addiction, etc.  A pre-consult will

assist in the deepest exerience.


The yoga sessions I provide do not require experience. Perhaps you are seeking sequencing for your own home practice or are not a fan

of group classes. Sandy is certified in Principal Based Partner Yoga, a beautiful series of classes for couples/partners. From Restorative 

Yoga to a strong Level 3 Session, you decide. Sandy is also certified in Restorative Yoga. Let me come to your home and show you what

you can use in your own home to restore yourself whenever you need it. Gentle Used Yoga Props can be purchased as well.

Yoga Teacher Training:

Private or semi private Yoga Teacher Training. Make and set your own hours. Online assignments will be allowed  in  this 200 Hour Program.

National Yoga Alliance approved . 200 Hours must be completed within 18 months.  Email for consult or additional information.

Yoga Lineages (1)

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga offers mostly a mat class. Wendy Stoddard is a professional trained student of the Yin Yoga form. A strong focus on the body’s organs and meridians by offering specifically chosen postures that are held from 4-8 minutes. Wendy will offer props and assistance to be sure every student is safely stretching to their deepest edge.

Fall 2014 Wendys Sessions: Click to view her intention for each of her upcoming sessions.

Yin Yoga Posture

Yoga Specials - Intro Offer (1)

Can I use my Intro Pass to Both Grounded By Yoga locations?

Absolutely! Any of our class passes can be used at either location.


SPECIALS for New Clients to Grounded By Yoga

30 Days Unlimited!

30 Days Unlimited!

Yoga Specials

The Taster – 4 Classes for only $25 for New Clients