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Merciless treating of pigs.

Sometimes…we just don’t know…..

Tee Farm Sanctury in Watkins Glen NY is a fabulous home for farm animals. Here is a link to many of the types of farm animals they care for. If you click on each image – you can also get an idea just what they were saved from. Knowledge is very powerful in determining if eating animals is right or not. Yogi’s don’t believe we should – its the first “rule of thumb” in becoming a true authentic yogi. FARM ANIMALS at the sanctuary

But isn’t Dairy OK? 

Yogi;’s dont believe so…and here are some more in depth explanations:

I Couldn’t Give up Cheese

She Looked into my Eyes and Pleaded for Mercy

Sacred… Loving… Brave and Beautiful People!!!

NEED HELP becoming a VEGAN?

Great website here:

Crying is the same in every language

Rochester Vegan Friendly Health Professionals


Ghandi once said…..

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

This page is dedicated to animals in the area that need loving, permanent homes. I was inspired to create this page after becoming involved with a non-profit organization called Gordy and Friends. (See below for more information on this great group!)


 Meet SHEBA!

Sheba2 Sheba1 This is sweet Sheba and she is about about a year and half and her guardian has said we can find her a new, loving home. Right now she lives 24/7 on a short chain with very little attention.  She is still young and still hopeful at getting a good life.  Our organization visits her once or twice a week to care for her & walk her.  If you are a rescue or able to adopt her yourself, please email or call Kathy of Gordy and Friends at 585-748-2542. She is a black German Shepherd mix and is as sweet as can be. Maybe about 40/50 pounds. She is a love bug. We have no place for her to go, so we can’t just “get her off the chain.” Please remember ALL the dogs in our program live their lives penned or chained (we do not condone that – which is why we exist), & we hope for better for all our dogs, so here is one who has a chance to live a life as a loved dog. Please help us help her. As soon as we can get this dog into rescue or adopted, we will get her off the chain. She is not spayed or up to date on vet needs, but she is healthy & well behaved.  We believe she does well with other dogs, & know she loves all people.  She just needs a chance and some love.




We are volunteers who go out into our community and find chained, outdoor dogs who need warmth, food, treats, and love.

Company Overview

We are a very small group of volunteers who go out into our community and find chained/outdoor dogs who need warmth, food, treats, and love. We pay for all expenses out of our own pockets. WE LOVE DOGS! To donate: our paypal address is – thx.

We go directly into the community and help chained and penned dogs who are suffering from isolation, poor shelter, and lack of food and other necessities. Our goal is to prevent dogs from living their lives on a chain or in a pen — far away from human contact. Every dog deserves to know freedom, love, and safety. We do not advocate for dogs to live outdoors/chained/penned and we do our best to provide shelter and as much comfort as we can for our dogs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for dogs in need. That is why we go out and find dogs who need straw, food, treats, bones, shelter, and any other comforts we can afford to provide. Some of the dogs we help have loving guardians who just need a little extra assistance and some of the dogs rely very heavily on us. We do all we can to provide for the dogs and people in our program. Thank you for your support.