Free Info Session for Our Upcoming Training  RYT 200
Meet the Director, Feel our Space, Ask Questions
(last known info session)
Taking a Yoga Teacher Training can be a big step and the step you take decides your path and journey for your own transformation as well. Be sure you choose what fitsyou best.

Sandy will be offering a free informal  informational session Friday May 8th at 5pm at Grounded By Yoga in Bloomfield (6 mins South of Victor’s main intersection).

If you are would like to attend an info session, but are not able to make this date and time let us know here.
(Many people are taking this  trainings so they can offer to their place of employment! Our programs dedicate itself to being able to teach to all walks of life. With so many businesses seeking stress relieving tools, how perfect is this?)

During this time ask any questions you like, or simply observe. You will be able totour the full facility (we also utilize the kitchen and wellness center downstairs for our lunches, etc). For our session beginning in August, we will have an outdoor meditation garden and sanctuary complete with a waterfall! Construction begins in one month. We will be excited to share that with you!

Applications will be available that evening for those that wish to secure a spot in the program. Grounded By Yoga offers only small and intimate trainings for the best experience. Space fills quickly. At the time of this email we have 4 spaces left.

If you are attending, you must complete this brief enrollment form.
For directions, its best you use 4 E Main Street Bloomfield 14469 (our true address 1 Wellness Way is not picked up by the satellites that feed Mapquest and GPS systems). Our number (should you get lost) is 585-703-4676.



Grounded By Yoga is pleased to announce the advanced studies program is under review by the Yoga Alliance!  We received initial approval for this program and now just await for publication. At that time – it will be announced on our website and emailed directly to those who have asked to be on the notify list.
This program will include a deepening of your own understanding of Yoga as well as advanced experiential teaching techniques. A strong focus will be directed to YOGA for CANCER THRIVERS.  The full program will commence January 2016 and focus mostly on once or twice a month on the weekends as normal.
(The 200 Hour Program is a pre-requisite for this offering)
I personally apologize for the delay in this announcement. It was my intention to offer a cohesive and life altering program. This can take time, meditation and a little help from the Universe to place together. There also is a long process with paperwork and application to the wonderful Yoga Alliance to offer such a  training.  I hold great gratitude for your patience, Warmly, Sandy Hicks, RYS, ERYT, RCYT, RPYT, 

Yoga Teacher Training…advance your journey.
A deep dive into all aspects of yoga – 200 RYT Yoga Alliance Studies

Our teacher training course is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.  Grounded By Yoga’s mission is to assist you in becoming a highly inspiring  and spiritually evolved yoga guide. Our dedication to will provide you with the ability to be of service to individuals from all walks of life and who teach the practices with an open heart facilitating deep physical emotional and spiritual healing within yourself and your students. Based on the first principle of yoga, compassion, you will learn, develop and teach from the Heart.

By training’s end, expect to  skillfully guide others into the sacred landscape of  of their bodies minds and hearts and teach uplifting and intelligent classes infused with compassion and joy. Our courses are of outstanding quality marked by excellence and attention to detail and authenticity allowing you to be free  to experiment with self inquiry in your own mind body and spirit. Expect an adventurous journey into your inner being.This school is accredited by the Yoga Alliance international and is above and beyond the standards.



Hold your scared space…..

200 RYT Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training
“Teaching from the Heart & the Multi-Dimensional Self”

If you are thinking of
deepening your life and others, join us in our next RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training commencing August 2015
Early bird enrollment includes a $300 discount!
(We will extend the May 5th deadline for those that decide to sign up May 8th and pay in full check, cash, money order. Credit cards can be accepted for Application fee and/or deposits for those choosing the Make Your Own Payment Plan option) 
Spaces are continuing to fill and our limited to a small group  for the best experience.
Sandy Hicks “Saraj”, RYS, ERYT, RCYT,RPYT
Teacher Training Director

What your neighbors are saying….

“I wanted to just thank you for all the love and peace that you have shared with me through Yoga Teacher Training. I honestly do not know how I would have made it through living here with no family without the family you provided me with. I never knew that yoga would have changed my life like this, nor that I would have found what I had always been looking for: a way to love myself, and find the Divine that I have been searching for. Thank you does not cover the depth of gratitude I have for you, your sacred space, and this life I’ve found.”


“Teacher training was AMAZING! ……Changed my LIFE…helped me HEAL.”


“Thank you Sandy. You have created not only an amazing space to learn knowledge but a space in which to “come home” to reunite as one which we truly are.
You are amazing. We are so privileged to be on this journey with you.”

“You’re the reason I have become a teacher…”

You’re the reason I have become a teacher who can actually provide a personal yoga training session now.  Thank you Sandy!


“Grounded by Yoga, created by Sandy Hicks, is a sacred and special space where the practice of authentic yoga is valued and encouraged. I would encourage people to take the program for personal growth to live a balanced, healthy and holistic life or to become someone passionate about maintaining the integrity of a full yoga practice that includes spiritual growth and meditation. Sandy Hicks guides her teacher trainees to teach from the heart and her students to focus internally with love and compassion. For this, and many other reason, the teacher training program at Grounded by Yoga is exceptional. Sandy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste. Kathy”

“Wonderful experience. I learned more than I ever expected to and I feel fully prepared and excited to teach. Lynette”

“Sandy how blessed I am to have you in my life! I took another training 2 years ago and it was so crowded, my ability to absorb and transform was so limited. I never felt confident to teach until I took YOUR training!. What a difference it made in my ability to teach and my life in general”

“Your warmth, knowledge, compassion and spirit is a blessing to this yoga community. This training far passed my expectations.I look forward to many more years with you and all that you offer!”


A note from your teacher
When I first began my yogic journey, I attended a training on the quest for knowledge only, with no intentions of teaching. But on the very last day of the training I knew I would be sharing what I learned! The response from the group I was teaching in our graduation session was overwhelming and without a doubt, life changing.
And now, with over 4000 professional  hours of training nationally and internationally, 8000 teaching hours and 40 years of yogic life practices, I  bring to you  genuine teachings of the great  sages…

QUESTIONS? or call 585-703-4676





9:00am – Intro to Yoga (enroll)
10:30am – Yoga 1 & 2

5:45pm – Gentle Yoga
7:15pm -Yoga  1 & 2


6:45pm – Gentle Yoga


6:45pm -Yoga 1 & 2



Noon-1pm – Yoga Lunch Express $7

(Feel free to come a little late or leave a little early if need be! )

5:30pm – Yoga 1 & 2

1:15pm – Yoga 1 & 2
2:45pm – Gentle Yoga
6:30am – Yoga 1 (pre-register by 8pm the evening before)
7:00pm – Yoga  1 & 2


6:00am – Yoga 1 & 2

(pre-register by 8pm the evening before)

7:30pm – Intro to Yoga (enroll)


5:00pm – Community Yoga – Pay What You Can! Mixed Levels

Beginning Your  Yoga Journey

Wondering Where to Start?

Grounded By Yoga offers a comprehensive program for beginners seeking the yogic light. Infused with philosophy and therapeutic postures and enlightening breath work, our Intro To Yoga Series is a great way to begin.

Choose from:
Sundays in Canandaigua 9:00am Starts January 11th
Thursdays in Bloomfield 7:30pm Starts January 15th

You may save your space by registering through Paypal

for Sundays


for Thursdays
Newcomers registering before  December 31st – only $65
After December 31st, $80
You may also attend our Gentle Yoga classes if you do not want to wait for the next Intro To Yoga Series to commence.
If you have any questions or concerns, call 585-703-4676. See you soon!

108 Sun Salutations!                               December 21st     Winter Solstice

108 Surya Namaskar
Winter Solstice
– To welcome the returning light
– Breathe together as yogis
– Find the stillness within us that anchors us
– Fund raise for Doctors Without Borders for the ebola crisis.
When: Sunday, December 21st at 4 pm (posture review 3:30pm)
Where: Grounded By Yoga Studios & Yoga Teacher Training Center
514 South Main St, Canandaigua
Donations will be collected for Doctors Without Borders for the ebola crisis

Bring a mat if you have one (we will have some extras)
Help spread the word – share this flyer!
Space is limited. If you are committed to being present please let me know.
Phone: (585-393-0328).

Yoga Teacher Training…advance your journey.
A deep dive into all aspects of yoga.
When I first began my yogic journey, I attended a training on the quest for knowledge only, with no intentions of teaching. But on the very last day of the training I knew I would be sharing what I learned! The response from the group I was teaching in our graduation session was overwhelming and without a doubt, life changing.
And now, with over 4000 professional  hours of training nationally and internationally and 40 years of yogic life practices, I  bring to you  genuine teachings of the great  sages…

2 Wonderful Offerings
No Experience Necessary

January 31st and February 1st

FREE YOGA WEEKEND!                                                     January 23,24,25
Save the Dates!
What a celebration we had last year! Over 150 students came and supported our Free Class Weekend!  12 wonderful new Yoga Teacher Graduates will offer classes from Sweet Surrender to Potluck Yoga!
Enjoy Free healthy buffet and beverage afterwords.
Come to as many classes as you would like!
If you would like to be first to be notified, get on our notify list.  Classes will be limited to 30 students per class. Just fill out this BREIF FORM and you will be first notified when the sign up is available!

In closing….

Dear Students,
You may have noticed I have reduced the number of my group offerings over the past year.  Teachers often have to make hard choices about how and when to channel their energies and sometimes our teachings have to take a new form.I have been contemplating this for many months, and it’s been YOU, the students, making this a difficult situation. Yes, I have grown ‘attached’ to each and every one of you, making it a difficult choice.I will still be teaching Wednesday and Friday mornings as well as on rotation for Friday evenings.I will be focusing on offering periodic workshops, small group samyama as well as private teacher-mentorship and subbing as needed.


Sandy Hicks, “Saraj”

Grounded By Yoga Studios & Yoga Teacher Training Center


Beginners Yoga Options…..
Mondays at 5:30pm

Starts August 18th

(no class Labor Day)
Last year this sold out immediately……We will limit it this time to 10 students.
Payment or deposit secures your space!

Thursdays at 8:00am

Starts August 14th

Express your interest in this time slot, if we have less than 5 interested we will keep as and open level class.
Sundays 6:45pm

Starts August 17th

Saturdays? We have the opportunity to hold an 8:30am Beginners class Starting early September. Is there interest? Let us know this week and we will open it up for enrollment. This would be for East Bloomfield.EMAIL US AT: if you are interested in Saturday morning beginners
EARLY  YOGI DISCOUNT(by Monday August 11th)
All Beginners Series are $65 for 8 sessions PLUS you receive 10% off a continuance package if you choose (you decide on your last day! )
Regular Price $80.
Feel free to find the time that suits your needs…..once you “graduate” you can attend any class in either location. The studios are 12 minutes apart.

Ways to Register:


Mail Check to:
Grounded By Yoga,LLC,  1 Wellness Way, Bloomfield NY  14469

Call to Charge:

May you have a very blessed day!



FREE YOGA CLASS WEEKEND!                            May 9,10,11

Join us in our teacher training debut celebration!
We appreciate your support.

Free classes will be offered by our student teachers completing their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training requirements.You are more than welcome to take a class or two or as many as you would like to attend!
Enjoy some Snacks & Beverages
after your class! Catered by Otto Tomottos and our own Vegan creations!
Please help spread the word! Bring family and friends to help support and celebrate our yoga teacher training graduation weekend!

(1 space left for May 17,18 2014)
(2 spaces left for July 2014)
An Interdisciplinary Yoga® teacher can pull tools needed from many lineages to accommodate students of all levels and abilities. Your lead director, Sandy Hicks has 40 years experience in Meditation & Yoga and continues to deepen her knowledge nationally and internationally with renowned teachers.
Save $$$ for registering early to our next 200 RYT Program.
Enrollment is limited.

“I knew that my time Grounded By Yoga Teacher Training  course would be life-changing, I just had no idea how it would all manifest. I could not be happier with how it unfolded. The people in the course were amazing, and all of Grounded By Yoga facilitators were incredible. I Look forward to sharing what I have learned as what I have received here is too much for me to keep locked inside of me. I leave here with open eyes and an open heart, and with overflowing joy.”
– Janey, Rochester, NY
“My Yoga Teacher Training at GBY was a course in how to live. It not only taught us how to teach but how to deepen our own practice so that we become what we are teaching.” –

Doug, Spencerport, NY


You are about to understand for yourself why so many beginners walk out of yoga class peaceful and full of light!

No Experience Necessary…..Just a Beginner’s Mind and Heart!

We suggest you look through some of the testimonials our students have submitted

Yoga for Beginners is designed to accommodate students of all levels, people rehabbing injuries, people needing a refresher and those who have never set foot on a yoga mat. You will be in a classroom filled with support and other students that are beginner’s too! (Note: If you feel you have any restrictions, please contact the Director, Sandy and she can best advise if this class is the best place for you. We have several options for those with recent surgeries, chronic conditions etc. )

A) East Bloomfield: You may join any of Sandy’s classes listed below – 8 consecutive weeks for $65. This is a “Start anytime program”
  • Wednesdays 9:30am or 5:30pm
  • Thursdays 4:30pm
  • Fridays 9:15am or 6:30pm (Fridays 6:30 is extra gentle w/ meditation)


Research shows that mindfulness decreases stress, attention deficit issues, depression, anxiety, and hostility in children, while benefiting their health, well-being, social relations, and academic performance. Children can easily learn these techniques, and when learned young, they become lifelong tools.

Canandaigua: Wednesdays 3:15pm – 4:00pm
East Bloomfield:  Sundays4pm – 4:45pm


These classes are appropriate for those with 
MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, and those students who use walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. For those who are able, some standing (with support) and floor those remaining in the chair. Sandy Hicks, has received over 450 hours of Therapeutic-Specific training and over 15000 hours of class teaching in Therapeutic and Adaptive Yoga.We still have room is the following NEW CHAIR YOGA class:
Honeoye Falls: Loft at the Falls (Bodyworks Kneaded)  5 West Main St.
Fridays 11:00-11:45am. 4 Classes $25.
Next Sessions: May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13. Minimum 10 students. Maximum 20.

NEW CLASSES – This is NOT the full schedule.
This does not represent our full schedule by any means – simply our new additions!

Dont see the class you were hoping for?


9am                Gentle Yoga                              East Bloomfield
10:15am        Level 1 and 2 Yoga                 Canandaigua (starts May 18)
11:45am        Gentle yoga                             Canandaigua (starts May 18)
4:15pm          Kids Yoga ages 5-9ish           East Bloomfield (starts June 1)
6:30pm          Beginners Yoga                       East Bloomfield


4:15pm –       Nia Cardio Class                       East  Bloomfield


10am             Level 1 Yoga                              Canandaigua
3:15pm         Kids Yoga ages 5-9ish             Canandaigua  (starts June 4)
(Note: Wendy’s Wednesday 4:30 class changes to 5pm in June)
6:30pm         Beginners Yoga                        Canandaigua


4:30pm         Level 1 and 2 Yoga                  Canandaigua


10am             Community Yoga Hour $6    East Bloomfield (starts May 17)
June 21st – Summer Solstice Practice! Stay Tuned! 

SORRY GUYS – Its Ladies Night June 3rd!

Grounded By Yoga is teaming up with Spa Events for a Tuesday night Ladies night at the Bloomfield Studio!

That’s Right!
SAVE THE DATE: June 3rd 7pm-9pm for this unique event!

Relax, visit, share, luxuriate and
enjoy a girls night out! The atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful and fun with flowers, music, candles and the nurturing energy of an all girls party! The event includes a restoring, soothing 60 minute yoga class available to anyone at any level and ability, Choice of high quality professional mini manicure or mini pedicure, light refreshments, and a choice of 20 min  pranayama or meditation session!

Ticket price  
Spa & Restorative Yoga Night    2014          $48.00 
(Luc’s Meditation and Candice’s Yoga Class will be pre-empted this evening)


Yet to Visit Us?
Spring Special:

$40 One Month Unlimited

Offer Expires 6/1/2014 or the first 30 sold.  Available at Studio Only. Check or Cash Only. 1 Class per day Limit.

Starting a business or  Need a new space? We’ll work with your needs. Various office options – small rooms to large open spaces. E. Bloomfield at Lotus Grove.



New Classes! You asked, we do our best!

Grounded By Yoga has added some new classes for you we will have more to announce later next week…please see the yoga Bulletin at the bottom of the first page of our website after February 10th for these updates.
E. Bloomfield
Family Yoga!  12:45- 1:30pm. Now you can join in on your little one and learn together!
Gentle Yoga time change: 2pm instead of 2:45pm. 
Mixed Level Heated Vinyasa Yoga at 4:45pm
Intro to Vinyasa Yoga at 6:15pm (not Heated)
Nia is coming  Mid February….3:45pm?…feel free to express your desire of time and day!  What is Nia?  See here a class of joyous movement!  Move over Zumba!!!  
Meditation, Pranayama and Bandhas.
Meditation should incorporate much more than closing the eyes…..control of internal inertia and energy is important. 5:45pm – 7pm
Mixed Level Vinyasa ….Yoga at 7:15pm (Heated)
Mixed Level Yoga.…7:45am. A sweet way to begin the day and weekend.
Gentle Yoga.……9:15am……Just as sweet….
MORNING CLASS TO BE ANNOUNCED! Starts Mid Feb – stay tuned!
Mixed Level Vinyasa Yoga.…7:15pm. Vinyasa is the linking of breath to movement.
Mixed Level Yoga….6:45pm (beginning mid Feb)
Yin Yoga….Every Wednesday at 4:30 Yes its back!
Pilates.…..Thursdays 7:30pm You, the mat and your body! Deep core work.
Gentle Yoga 9:30a end your week and begin your weekend centered & balanced.(Beginning Mid Feb)
  • Our Yoga classes are 75 minutes long.
  • Pilates is 1 Hour long
  • “Class Passes” are good for any class either location! 
  • The 3rd week of each month, Sandy’s gentle classes are slowed down and mostly mat work for enhanced flexibility and deepening of dharana.
  • The last week of each month, Wendy’s Tuesday at 5 and Wed 8:15 am class is all yin Yoga.
  • IMPORTANT: Website calendar does not display the mid February classes that are due to start. Please check back Later next week! 

Natural Living Mingler – FREE!
February 16, 2014
Doors open at 4:15pm
Ends at 6pm
We really hope you join us in this informal event at our Bloomfield studio. Learn about your local natural living offerings. This is an open invitation to ALL holistic wellness practitioners and to the public.
A time for colleagues to network and for YOU to come ask questions about what it is that they do.
No one will be trying to sell you anything, perhaps a business card or brochure table available and the rest is up to you!
All practitioners will  announce who we are and what we do at 4:30pm…and its a mingler from then on.
RSVP desired, not required….at
Grounded By Yoga Studios & Yoga Teacher Training Center, LLC
1 Wellness Way, East Bloomfield
(6 minutes South of Victor | 10 Minutes West of Canandaigua)

Enroll early for deep discounts.Tuition increases $100  each month!

Enrolling now for May. Open to all....Nurses, Massage Therapists, etc. 20 CEU’s for Yoga Teachers
Both have limited enrollments (particularly the Restorative and this will fill quickly. Previous RYT200 graduates may receive training at 10% off if enrolled by April 1st.)

New Client Special (AND for those who haven’t visit us in 12 months- email for your special pass-code so you may receive the NEWSLETTER special below!  We miss you!) 


Mr. Marbles - Our Mascot
Mr. Marbles – Our Mascot


Holiday Closings
Sandy’s Morning Classes and Evening Meditation classes are suspended & resume Jan 8th
Wendy’s Classes suspended and resume Jan 4
New Years Eve: Closed

New Years Day” Special Holiday class at 9am in Canandaigua w/ Wendy

(possible special evening class in Bloomfield – Stay Tuned)

Keep Your Practice going through the Holidays!!

For those that participated in the 108 Sun Salutation Benefit! Nearly $300 was raised for the CCAI Canandaigua Pantry!Thank You Leslee and Wendy for leading the group and Jim too!
Children’s Class ages 5-9! and Caretakers!
Providing tools for the rest of there long lives…..Jill leads a class full of focus and breath work as well as movement. This is an ongoing class but and offer a deep special for consecutive class attendance.  This is the best way to instill Yoga’s precious gifts.

Drop In Price: $10
6 Consecutive Sessions: $40

And..starting January 12th – Caretakers will can learn the same tools their little ones are learning in our lower level studio!  Take advantage of this intro special! No experience is needed.


Drop In Price: $7 (cash only)
6 Consecutive Sessions: $35

PLEASE NOTE: No Caretaker Class January 19th – but Kids Class is on!


Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Alexis, Howell, B.S. in Psychology, Certified Drum Circle Facilitator

“5 Strategies to Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution!”

Countless Americans set New Year’s Resolutions every year.  However, 75% of people only keep their resolutions for one week, and only 8% of people actually achieve their resolutions!

How many times has a new year rolled around, you’ve made resolutions, but despite your efforts and good intentions, you didn’t meet your goals.

You’re not alone!

·       The #1 reason why people don’t achieve their New Year’s Resolution! (we promise – you haven’t heard before)

·       5 little ways to ensure you keep your resolutions

·       The proven & untapped resource that can make all of your 2014 resolutions a reality!

BONUS: When you register by 1/10/14, you will receive free copy of the audio program “How to Thrive in the New Economy” written by the acclaimed International Speaker, Writer, and Business Consultant, Nancy Roberts!

Date: January 16th 7:00pm -?
Where: Lower Level Studio at Grounded By Yoga East Bloomfield
Before January 10th Price:
After January 10th: $27

You can call 585-406-5295 or go to under the products page to reserve your seat today and take advantage of this limited time offer!

Drum Circle! January 25th!
Alexis, Howell, B.S. in Psychology, Certified Drum Circle FacilitatorJoin Alexis of Healing Harmonies!

Start 2014 with More Fun, Less Stress& More Energy

(without having to join an extreme crossfit class!)

Come & Drum With Us in Our Drum Circle! Ages 10 and up.

A Drum circle is a group of people that come together to play hand-drums and percussion instruments with the instruction and guidance of a facilitator.  Drum circles are a non-verbal expression of self, and give people a sense of community and belonging because the goal is to work together as one to create a musical experience.

Anyone, even with no training in music, can participate in a drum circle!  There are no mistakes!

Studies have shown that drum circles:

Reduce stress,Reduce anxiety levels, Lower blood pressure, Lower depression levels,  Raise self-esteem & confidence, Give people a sense of community and belonging           And… They are a lot of FUN

$10 before January 5th
$15 after January 5th


You can call 585-406-5295 or go to under the products page to reserve your seat today and take advantage of this limited time offer!


Share Our Spaces
We have rentals in E Bloomfield and Canandaigua.
Co-Share or create your own space and business.
From 150 sq ft to 1200 sq foot
Complete Information Here
Holistic and Wellness Mingler! – FREE

OPEN TO EVERYONE…..Get to know your local massage therapists, reiki healers, nutritionalists, wellness coaches and more!

An informal meet and greet….


Practitioners: Bring your literature and cards.

Our intention is to help cross-promote the goodness and wisdom of Wellness and the Holistic field, learn and share from each other.  We all know about the ‘power circles’ that exist within groups………. so why not have one of our own?

We have come together and created an environment where we can learn, share,& also raise awareness of how to look after your own health, holistically.

So…….Do you want to meet like-minded individuals who all share a similar passion in life? Do you have an offering you would like to talk about?
Do you have questions about Holistic care?

Then please come and join us February 16th at 4:15pm at Lotus Grove Healing Arts Center in East Bloomfield (at Grounded By Yoga Studio upstairs). Lets gather together and share.

RSVP would be nice for beverage and snack purposes! Just reply to this email, find the event thorugh our website  or join the event on Grounded By Yoga’s  Facebook page.

Help with some healthy snacks and beverages would be wonderful! Let me know if you
can assist! (vegetarian or vegan please)


Lotus Grove Healing Arts Center
One Wellness Way
E. Bloomfield

located 10 minutes West of Canandaigua, 6 Minutes down Route 444 from Main St Victor. DIRECTIONS.    855-99-LOTUS x 1


Deepen Your Practice

with Kundalini (and Luc Watelet)

Learn More!

Yogi Bhajan became master of Kundalini Yoga at 16 when his teacher, and then master of Kundalini Yoga decided to become a freedom fighter. There could only be one master of Kundalini Yoga at any given time on planet Earth. He came to America in 1968 knowing he could have had a safe government career. He could have taught Hatha yoga which was already accepted in America at the time as he was a master of Hatha yoga as well. But instead he broke the seal of secrecy of Kundalini Yoga and taught it publicly. His first lecture was given on January 5th, 1969, at a high school gym. He was 39 at the time. No one showed up. He did not have here the reputation he had in India. He was asked if he wanted to reschedule. He told the organizers that he would give his lecture, they should tape it, but he would not teach the lecture again. During his life he made teachers, he helped politicians and CEOs, he met with the Pope. He told us he would not want the pope’s job because the pope wasn’t free. Today his 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) organization is present around the world. Sat Nam,Luc
Time: Tuesdays  5:30-6:45pm in East Bloomfield.
….and Deepen a little MORE….with  
Yoga Teacher Training. 
INFO SESSION January 12th!

Join Sandy on this day to discover in this comprehensive Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training program. Sandy embraces over 40 years experience of the ancient art and wisdom of Yoga as well as over 2000 Yoga Alliance Registry hours and 30,000 teacher hours.

Our Price: $ FREE for the session (please register)For Complete Info on our next training and to

YIN YOGA: Mondays at 5:20pm in East Bloomfield

Last Tuesday of the month at 5:00pm in Canandaigua
Last Wednesday of the month at 8:15am in Canandaigua

RESTORATIVE YOGA with REIKI: January 26th at 6:30pm in East Bloomfield (limited)
PILATES: Every Tuesday evening at 7pm. SPECIAL CLASS on Sunday at 4pm Dec 29th!

HIPS/HAMS/SPINAL FOCUS: Thursdays at 6:30pm in East Bloomfield.


MORNING CLASSES in BLOOMFIELD: Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

NEW CANANDAIGUA CLASS: Fridays 11:15am (pre-register)

30 Days
Have you yet to visit either of our studios? Looking forward to meeting you!…..Haven’t been on your mat in 12 months? We miss you! Try out our New Year Special!
Simply Email for your special pass BEFORE JANUARY 15th, 2014! First visit must be by January 31st, 2014. Limited Quantities.