Our teacher training course is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.    Grounded By Yoga’s mission is to assist you in becoming a highly inspiring  and spiritually evolved yoga guide. Our dedication to will provide you with the ability to … Continue reading
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Hot Yoga and Vinyasa
In addition to strengthening your body and increasing flexibility, Yoga can also create a
peaceful mind, a feeling of balance inside and out, and the release of stress. Learn More » Continue reading
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OUR WEBSITE is currently going through an overhaul. What this may mean is you may find there isn’t a mobile friendly page, a few missing pages/links. The MAIN info will remain here (Calendar, Pricing etc). But please reach out to us at 585-861-yoga if you need something you cannot find. We look forward to your more user friendly site in the next month!

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 All Are Welcome Here…

Yoga for every bodyYoga is a mind-body-spirit practice…showing us our divine path to our authentic self. A regular Yoga practice offers a peaceful mind, a feeling of balance inside and out, and the release of stress. Since our first day opening, we have offered a sacred space that is non-competitive, non-judgmental and guided by warm and friendly hearts.  Perhaps you are healing from an injury, or have a mind that needs clearing,  or are simply curious, Grounded By Yoga will meet you right where you are.  Meet all of our teachers, some specialize in therapeutics, meditation, and private sessions. With the  winter weather  upon us, this is a perfect time to welcome practices that will allow you to return to your Self as it connects us with the divine energy of the season.  Begin the NEW YOU…..transformation begins from within. At Grounded By Yoga we explore all the Limbs of Yoga.

B o d yYoga teacher training Rochester Area

Yoga releases tension, allows energy to flow more easily

M i n d

Yoga clears the mind..freeing mental clutter that causes stress

S p i r i t


The question we get asked quite  bit is…”Do I have to attend the same class each week”…No you do not…our  studios enjoy having an open policy. We do not feel it’s up to us to know when you need to come in. You may also mix it up, come to a Mixed Level and Gentle Posture class,  or Meditation. A person’s needs and schedule can change from week to week. A well rounded Yoga practice should include centering with pranayama (breath control), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and end with a period that revitalizes the respiratory, nervous, endocrine, digestive and other major organs of the body. We strongly suggest our beginners series so you also capture the yamas and niyamas. With a regular practice, you will being to take your practice off the mat. Deep, present awareness of the mind’s activity—without judgment—helps to deepen the ability to express oneself, to truly listen to others, and to be authentic in relationships. Healthier lifestyle habits begin to form in an effortless way. Grounded By Yoga offers you a space for you to explore various holistic classes, workshops and events for adults of all ages and abilities and children too! Visit our tranquil and warm environment when you are ready and explore some of these classes or enroll in one of our Yoga Teacher Trainings.


Yoga Teacher Training

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Canandaigua Yoga Studio

Billiards Square Building

514 South Main St

Canandaigua, NY 14424

(corner of Parrish and South Main)


Bloomfield Yoga Studio

Lotus Grove Healing Arts

1 Wellness Way, Bloomfield, NY  14469

(corner of Main St and Route 444)

we have retreat and offsite addresses in the summer months